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Your Government in Action! BCC Update April 29, 2008.

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1 Your Government in Action! BCC Update April 29, 2008

2 Brighthouse Digital Cable Ch 199 Comcast Cable Ch 9 Brighthouse Digital Cable Ch 198 Comcast Cable Ch 98

3 OTV History Broadcast Models – OTV & Vision TV Programming Policy Program Priorities Selection Criteria OTV Budget Sponsorship Initiative Summary Presentation Overview

4 Orange TV History June 1995 – Orange TV goes on the air!

5 Orange TV History Initial content: Public meeting notices, job openings, wanted criminals. Expanded content: BCC & other public meetings, PSAs, instructional programs, videos promoting government departments and services. October 1995 – WMFE Agreement to broadcast a one-hour, edited version of BCC meetings. 1996 – OTV begins airing full-length BCC meetings.

6 Orange TV History May 1997 – Sentinel editorial: Turn on the Sunshine. The more informed people are, the better they will be able to participate in the formulation of good public policy. 1995 - 1997 – Orange TV original programming grows from 5 hours per month to 400 hours per month including coverage of the Florida Legislature.

7 Orange TV History 2000 – UCF Survey shows that 2 out of every 3 cable subscribers say they watch Orange TV at least once a week. More program diversity: Youth forums, middle school athletics, gardening shows, short form videos. (Orange Slices) 2004 – New franchise agreement with Brighthouse gives Orange County a 2 nd government access channel. launched with no additional staff.

8 Orange TV History – Regular program blocks for seniors, children, our Hispanic & African-Americans communities and the arts. No live meetings. PBS model. – Focus on Arts, Education and Information programs. Orange TV – Live and pre-recorded meetings take precedence. C-SPAN model.

9 Orange TV History May 2007 – Governor Crist signs Consumer Choice Act transferring cable TV regulation from municipalities to the state. November 2007 – Brighthouse cable announces it is moving Orange TV & Vision TV from the basic analog tier to the digital tier. January 2008 – Brighthouse relocates Orange TV & Vision TV to channels 198 & 199.

10 - Reach over 450,000 Cable TV households - Broadcast programming content 24/7 - Stream live on the Internet 24/7 - Provide Video-on-Demand of all BCC Meetings - Produce14 Hrs per week for WMFE, CFAN - Distribute programs to other government and local broadcast stations - OTV staff are 1 st responders and provide residents with unfiltered emergency information Orange TV & Vision TV

11 Government Access Channel Viewership Case Study Sample Viewership from a Midwestern Community Access Channels Daily Viewership Weekly Exposure Public Access 1% 9% Educational Access 2% 11% Government Access 5% 14% Information Channel 4% 11% Community Access 1% 7%

12 Government Access Channel Viewership Case Study Government access channels have significantly greater weekly viewership than the following cable networks: Cable Channel Weekly Exposure Government Access 14% Outdoor Life Network (OLN) 3% Speed Channel 3% BET3% Bravo 3% Style2% Animal Planet.3% Fine Living.1% ESPN Classic.1% (Arbitron, 2003)

13 Mission Statement Provide citizens with interesting, timely, accurate and relevant information about the programs and services provided by Orange County government in a manner that encourages trust, a sense of accountability and an appreciation for the value of the services provided.

14 Broadcast Policy Orange TV & Vision TV encourage the submittal of programs for airing by eligible organizations that are appropriate to the mission and conform to high technical and production standards. All requests for airtime are submitted to the OTV General Manager. A Production Review Committee, chaired by the Communications Division Manager, periodically evaluates current and proposed programming to ensure it meets the Orange TV mission.

15 Programming Priorities First Priority Approved programs requested by the Mayors Office or agencies under the Orange County Board of County Commissioners and official public meetings of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners, its agencies, divisions and advisory boards. Second Priority Approved programs submitted by other local government agencies or divisions. Third Priority Approved programs originated by outside groups related to government agencies, public service/safety and not-for-profit arts organizations.

16 Types of Programming Coverage of public meetings for government policy-making boards. Informational or instructional programs on various government agency functions or services. Emergency and public safety information. General announcements of current government meetings, sponsored events and job listings. Coverage of government sponsored events, such as facility openings, parades, recreational and cultural events. In-service training programs appropriate for public viewing.

17 Types of Programming Reader service board with graphics/alphanumeric information of government events or services. Public service announcements (PSAs) of government events and services and positive citizen involvement and activity. Promotional and station identifications announcements. Educational programs including those aimed at improving health and nutrition.

18 Evaluation Criteria Citizen interest Compliance with programming policy Governmental nature Acceptable standards and guidelines Production quality Public service/safety needs

19 Board of County CommissionersBoard of Zoning Adjustment Charter Review Commission Citizens Review Board Community Action BoardTourist Development Building Codes Appeals BoardLegislative Delegation BCC Budget WorkshopsCode Enforcement Board Planning and Zoning BoardSpecial Masters Hearings Underage Drinking ForumsCommunity Crime Forums Civic Venue ForumsCitizens Corps Nuisance Abatement BoardCommunity Conferences Mayor Crottys Womens SummitState of the County Address Orange to Green ConferenceLaw Enforcement Memorial Avian Flu SummitOath of Office Ceremonies Redevelopment ConferenceMacedonia Youth Summit OC Tax Reform ForumOC Foreclosure Forum OTV Produces Over 150 Essential Government Meetings & Forums Each Year

20 OTV Produces Over 275 Government Information Programs Each Year FOCUSOrange County Update Orange to Green Community Café Elections and You the VoterFLAMES Orange County ScrapbookPet Pals Sports Zone & The ClubThe COUCH Live Healthy ConnectionsHot Topics Vital Living Senior BlockOrange County Gardening Press ConferencesCommunity Connections Hispanic Program BlockDowntown Orange County Public Service AnnouncementsYouth Speak Out Internal Use Education VideosKnow Your Rights

21 Spanish Language Programs Al Dia Tocando Puertas SALUD Hispanic Crime Prevention Los Hispanos y la Salud Sabor Latino Domestic Violence Seminar Know Your Rights Public Service Announcements

22 Promoting Orange Countys Cultural Initiative The arts and arts education are essential to the education of our children, a vital element of our county's economy and a powerful tool for building a spirit of inclusiveness in our community." - Orange County Mayor Richard T. Crotty

23 Cultural Programs Participate: The Cultural Advantage Backstage Pass Winter with the Writers LIVEWIRE Orlando Opera Orlando Ballet Orlando Philharmonic Music in the Library Cinema Cafe World of Dance Behind the Indie Camera Summer Camp Grand Finale

24 Community Event Programs Black History Committee Awards Gala Martin Luther King Awards Zora Neal Hurston Festival African American Mens Health Summit Sisters Take Charge Conference CAB Annual Scholarship & Volunteer Awards Martin Luther King Day Parade Annual CIT Appreciation Breakfast Principals Appreciation Breakfast Ocoee Christmas Parade OC Design Excellence Awards 911 Remembrance How Shall We Grow Breakfast

25 OTV Budget History Orange TV FY03 - 04 Budget$1,353,000 (1 channel) Orange & Vision TV FY08 - 09 Budget$1,541,000 (2 channels) Increase in budget over 5 years$ 188,000= 12.2% Average per year increase 2.4% Increase of Productivity over 4 Years 300% Built permanent Orange TV studio Added Vision TV Channel Added Live Streaming of Both Channels Added Video-On Demand Added DVD Distribution Contributed programs to WMFE CFAN

26 Orange TV Staff 12 Full time employees –Management & Administrative –Producers, Directors, Videographers, Editors 22 On Call Freelance Personnel - Host / Reporters - Producers, Editors, Directors - Camera Operators, Technicians, Production Assistants

27 Commercial Cost Orange TV Cost Current Orange TV Budget Supervisor of ElectionsCooperative Extension Fire Rescue DepartmentOffice on Aging Emergency Operations CenterHealth & Family Services Animal ServicesNeighborhood Services OC History CenterPublic Service Announcements Parks & RecreationPress Conferences Office For A Drug Free Community Essential Government Meetings, Forums and Conferences $255,000$750,000 OC Government Info Programming $500,000$4,812,500

28 Current Orange TV Budget Program Types Orange TV Cost Commercial Cost Spanish Language Programming $85,000$850,000 Cultural Programming $75,000$900,000 Childrens Educational Programming $5,000$30,000 Community Event Programming Black History Month Events Award and Recognition Events $60,000$150,000 Program Production Budget$950,000$ 7,492,500 Administration, Maintenance and Equipment Budget $591,000N/A Total Operating Budget$1,541,000$ 7,492,500

29 Production Requests Major in the field event with multi-camera production –7 production personnel –3 hour set up & 2 hour breakdown –2 days of editing –Average Personnel Cost = $ 3,000 Reporter news story for Orange County Update segment –3 Personnel –1 hour set up & one-hour breakdown – 1 day of editing –Average Personnel Cost = $ 900

30 Production Requests Studio Multi-Camera Production –7 Production Personnel –2 hour set up & 1 hour breakdown –2 days of editing –Average Personnel Cost = $ 2,100 BCC Chamber Multi-Camera Productions –4 Production Personnel –1 hour set up & one-hour breakdown –No editing –Average Personnel Cost = $ 1,200

31 Production Cost Summary Reporter News Segment$ 900 5 - Camera BCC Chamber Production$ 1,200 Multi-Camera OTV Studio Production$ 2,100 Multi-Camera on Location (events/forums)$ 3,000

32 Orange TV Sponsorship Initiative OTV has received underwriting contributions averaging $50,000 per year for each of the past four years. These funds pay for freelance staff and make possible the production of arts, information and education programming that would otherwise not be produced.

33 Orange TV is recognized as: - A national leader in government TV programming - One of the most cost-efficient TV stations in the U.S. - A leader in government TV innovation and quality - OTV original programs have won over 50 national awards over the past 4 years

34 Your Government in Action! Arts, Information & Education Station

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