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Can you tell me the names of the animals in English?

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3 Can you tell me the names of the animals in English?

4 Polar bear

5 Tibetan antelope

6 South China Tiger

7 leopard

8 panda

9 K o a l a K o a l a Koala

10 milu deer

11 elephant

12 Crocodile

13 Giraffe

14 Tropic fish

15 golden monkey

16 red-crowned crane ( )

17 Is it easy to see them now? What problems are they facing ? They _____________ / ___________. are dying out They are _____________ or_________ animals. endangered are in danger extinct

18 Why are they in danger of disappearing?

19 lack of food bad environment human beings endless killing ……

20 Reading How Daisy learned to help wildlife

21 Who is the character ( ) of the story? How did she travel? Which places did she travel to? Which animals did she visit?

22 Find out the main idea of the passage: A : It is about some protection of wildlife. B: It is about a journey of a flying carpet. C: It is about Daisys wonderful experience with some animals.

23 The structure of this passage The first stop Purpose: to see some ______________ Place: ______ Animal: ______________ Situation: being hunted for the wool beneath its stomach and numbers are _________ rapidly endangered wildlife Tibet Tibetan antelope decreasing

24 1. How did the antelope feel? The antelope felt sad. 2. Why are people hunting and killing the Tibetan antelopes? In order to get the wool which is used to make sweaters. Part one:

25 The second stop Purpose: to go to a place with wildlife _________ Place: Zimbabwe Animal: African ________ Situation: used to be hunted while now being protected by farmers making money from ____________ protection elephant tourism / tourists

26 What was the situation about elephant ? How did life improve for the farmers in Zimbabwe? The government helped and the farmers made a lot of money from the tourism. Part two: Farmers used to hunt them.

27 The third stop Purpose: to go to a place where the WWF is involved Place: __________ Animal: __________ Situation: The monkey can use the millipede insect to protect itself from __________. rainforest monkey mosquitoes

28 Why the monkey rub itself? Why is the thick rain forest important for animals? Because this protects it from mosquitoes. Because different kinds of animals can live together. Part three: Home

29 A. Tourists hunted too many elephants. B. Farmers hunted them without mercy. C. The government encouraged farmers to hunt them. D. Their living environment was seriously polluted. 1. Why did elephants use to be an endangered species in Zimbabwe? deep-reading

30 A. It thinks itself a beautiful animal. B. Elephants are friendly to human beings. C. Money from tourists went to the large tour companies. D. Now many more tourists come to take its photos rather than hunt it. 2. What can be inferred from the elephants words, Have you come to take my photo?

31 3. The sentence No rain forest, no animals and no drugs means _________ A. There was no drug in the rain forest B. Animals in the rain forest didnt need drugs C. Rain forest, animals and drugs were resulted in and from each other D. Drugs were important for animals and the rain forest

32 4. What did Daisy learn from her experience? A. Some animals were becoming endangered as a result of humans hunting. B. Wildlife should be helped and protected by us humans. C. Humans and wildlife can benefit each other in many ways. D. All of the above.

33 Discussion: What should we do to protect wildlife?

34 What can we do to help endangered animals? Measures to protect the endangered animals: 1.Protect the environment 2.Build conservation zones 3.Forbid people to kill endangered animals 4.Collect money to protect them.

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