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Module 4 Carnival Module 4 Carnival Introduction and Reading.

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1 Module 4 Carnival Module 4 Carnival Introduction and Reading

2 Can you name the following festivals or

3 The Spring Festival (lunar January 1) couplet fireworks paper- cuts lucky/ gift money

4 The Lantern Festival (Lunar January 15) lion /dragon dance riddles written on lanterns exhibit of lanterns rice glue ball /

5 Ching Ming Festival / Tomb-sweeping Day (Lunar April 5)...) rebirth of nature celebrat it with picnics, and kite flying sweep and weed graves honor ancestors

6 Dragon Boat Festival (Lunar May 5) rice dumplings Dragon Boat race

7 Double Seventh Festival (Lunar July 7 Cowherd Girl Weaver the Milky Way magpie

8 Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar August 15) Chang E flying to the moon moon cake

9 Double Ninth Festival Lunar September 9 ascending a height enjoying the flourishing chrysanthemum

10 New Year Eve (Lunar December 31)

11 festivals festivals in China The Dragon Boat Festival The Double Ninth Festival The Spring Festival Qingming The Lantern Festival The Middle Autumn Festival The Double Seventh Festival Ghost Festival

12 Other holidays Teachers DAY Children's Day

13 What is your favorite Chinese festival? What do you do this day? Why do you like it? wear special clothes eat special food give or receive gifts have a holiday from school take part in a traditional ceremony dance and listen to music enjoy yourself with friends or family

14 festivals festivals in other countries Christmas Fools Day Valentines Day Carnival Easter Thanksgiving Day Mothers Day Fathers Day Halloween

15 Christmas (25th December) This is a Christian festival which comes in the middle of winter. reindeer sleigh Santa Claus

16 Valentines Day Feb. 14th

17 April Fool s Day (April 1)

18 Holi This is a festival of color, which marks the beginning of spring in India.

19 Thanksgiving Day (The th Thursday in November) turkey pumpkin pie This is when Americans remember the hard times when they first arrived in the country.

20 This festival is at the end of October, when ghosts come out. Halloween (31th. October/ 1st Nobember) ( All Saints' Day )


22 Jack-o-Lantern

23 Trick-or-Treat on Halloween

24 Dunking For Apples

25 Halloween Parade

26 Easter (March 23 to April 25) This is a Christian holiday in March or April when Christians remember the death of Christ and his return to life. Easter Bunny Easter eggs

27 Carnival

28 Reading The Magic of the Mask

29 Lisening the passage and check the topics it mentions. 1.Different carnivals 2.The orgins of carnival 3.Spencial food 4.Carnival in Venice

30 Read the whole passage and generalize the main idea of each paragraph. Para1. People s general imperssion of carmival. Para2. The meaning of carnival and how it was celebrated in history. Para3. Carnival in Venice and the problem it caused when people celebrated it.

31 Para4. The law about wearing masks. Para5. The revival of the tradition of celebration carvinal. Para6. How canival is celebrated in Venice today and the feature of the carnival in Venice.

32 Read the passage again and do exercise 2. Answers: ccbabbbb

33 Exercise 3 and 4 Ex. 3 1.confusing 2.excitement 3.mask 4.mystery 5.magic 6. costume 7. crowd 8. tradition 9. atmosphere Ex. 4 abbbabbb

34 Group competition Give us the information about carnival as much as you can.

35 Test about the Reading

36 Test 1 1.Think of carnival, and you think of crowds, c________, and confusion. 2.As time passed, however, the carnival period was e________. 3.But in the late 1970s the tradition was r_______ by students. 4.If the key to Rio is music and movement, then in Venice it is the m_______. 5.If the masks comeoff, the m____ is lost. ostumses xtended evived ystery agic

37 Test 2 At the beginning of the carnival in Venice, ordinary people wearing masks could pretend to be rich and ________, While famous people could have romantic adventures in ________. Later, People who wore masks could not carry ________ or enter a church. At the end of the 18th, masks were banned completely, and carnival became a _______. In the late 1970s, the tradition revived. Today, when you ______ through the street, you can see thousands of masks- ______ or frightening, sad or _______. important secret firearms memery wonder elegantamusing

38 Homework Exercises on page 86 and 87 in the Work book

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