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World Religions Islam.

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1 World Religions Islam

2 m. Room number:

3 Arabian Peninsula Trade Routes

4 What is Islam? Who are Muslims?
Muslims are people who profess a belief in Islam. Consider Abraham as the father of the Arab people and is a central figure of the Islamic faith. Islam recognizes portions of the Christian Bible (The Torah) The Prophet Muhammad brought the message of Islam to the people of Arabia Although Islam originated with the Arab people, NOT all Muslims are Arabs. Likewise, NOT all Arabs are Muslims. The word Islam means surrender to the will of Allah (god) As in other religions, there are practicing and non-practicing Muslims, liberal and conservative Muslims, tolerant and extremist Muslims.

5 Islam A. God Muslims are Monotheistic Allah is the Arabic word for God

6 Islam B. Sacred Text The Quran (Koran)
Muslims believe it is the uncorrupted word of God C. Places of Worship Muslims gather for worship buildings called Mosques

7 Quran (Koran)

8 Mosque

9 Islam D. Early Prophet’s of Islam Abraham Moses Jesus Muhammad
“Peace be Upon Him”

10 Islam E. Muhammad Born in Mecca (Makkah)
Preached Islam to the people of Mecca until he was forced to flee in 622 A.D.. This journey is known as the Hijrah

11 Islam E. Muhammad Muhammad returned to Mecca and made it the holy city of Islam Muslims believe Muhammad is the last and final messenger of Allah (God)

12 Islam F. Sacred Sites Kaaba- large stone structure located in Mecca. Believed to be a shrine built by Abraham and his son Ishmael. Dome of the Rock (Jerusalem)- Site where Muslims believe Muhammad ascended into Heaven. G. Holidays & Daily Life Ramadan-Sacred holiday & is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar. Fasting is required between sunrise and sunset Quran forbids Muslims from eating pork, drinking liquor, and gambling in their daily life.

13 The Five Pillars of Islam
Belief –Muslims must declare that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet Prayer-Muslims must pray five times per day facing toward Mecca 3. Charity-Muslims must give to the poor 4. Fasting- Muslims must not eat from dawn to dusk during the sacred holiday of Ramadan 5. Pilgrimage-Muslims must visit Mecca once during their life which is called the Hajj

14 Kaaba

15 Dome of the Rock

16 Islam call to prayer

17 3-2-1 Exit Slip On your own paper:
3 things about Christianity and Islam that are the same 2 things about Christianity and Islam that are different 1 thing about Islam that you are still confused about Use Complete Sentences

18 Which Pillar of faith do you believe is most important? Why?
Which Pillar of Faith is the most different from anything in Christianity?

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