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Presented by Noémi Ferderber MONET ET LES JARDINS DE GIVERNY.

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1 presented by Noémi Ferderber MONET ET LES JARDINS DE GIVERNY

2 Claude Monet  “Father of Impressionism”  preferred the freedom of the outdoors rather than the constraints of the classroom  famed among peers for drawing caricatures as a student  struggled with depression  painted outdoors using the plein-air technique  planted the Giverny gardens

3 Impressionism  Art movement initiated by Claude Monet  Differed greatly from the more popular realistic form of painting, which involved using dark colors to depict realistic scenes  Involved using short brushstrokes with vibrant, contrasting colors to capture the natural beauty of nature  Plein-air technique involved observing how atmospheric changes and light affect landscapes  Term coined by a derogative critic who was unimpressed by Monet’s painting of a foggy morning on a harbor displayed in an exhibition

4 Les Jardins de Giverny Home of Monet in his later years Planted by Monet himself Organized loosely according color Separated into two sections; Clos Normand and the Water Gardens Clos Normand is the flower garden Water Gardens are the Japanese style gardens Water Gardens served as an inspiration for Monet’s later works with the bridge and water lilies Freely, naturally growing Restored in 1977 Open to tourists from March to November

5 Clos Normand

6 Arches of Clos Normand

7 Japanese Water Gardens

8 Water Lilies

9 Japanese Bridge

10 Monet’s Home

11 Impression: Sunrise

12 Le Bassin Aux Nymphéas

13 Water Lilies

14 A Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny

15 Merci beaucoup

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