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Instructions for resetting your password

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1 Instructions for resetting your password
New Judicial Intranet Instructions for resetting your password

2 Judicial Intranet Links
As advised the Judicial Intranet has moved to Wordpress The link to the Judicial Intranet is still: If you have registered previously your Username is still the address you registered with You DO need to change your password The link to change your password is:

3 Step 1: Click on the lost password URL

4 Step 2: Enter your existing Judicial Intranet Username – this is the address you registered with, then click Get New Password

5 Step 3: A message will appear to advise your password has been sent to your email account

6 Step 4: Check your for the Password Reset (check your junk folder if not in the main inbox) and click on the reset password link in the

7 Step 5: Create your new password

8 Step 6: Log in using your existing Judicial Intranet email/username and your new password

9 You are now viewing the new Judicial Intranet
If you would like to visit the Judicial College you can do so by clicking on the new Judicial College LMS link on the top-right of the home page

10 Judicial College LMS You are logged in, as normal, to the Judicial College LMS

11 Contact If you have any queries about the new Intranet or any issues logging in please contact the Judicial Office Communications Team at: If you haven’t already registered for the Judicial Intranet you can do so by visiting and completing the registration form

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