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Evolution of Stars.

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1 Evolution of Stars


3 Main Factor of Life Cycle
Beginning mass

4 Nebulae Huge clouds of dust and gas

5 M16 – Eagle Nebula

6 M16 – Eagle Nebula

7 Stars forming in Trifid Nebula M20

8 ½ light year long twisters in Lagoon Nebula M8 in Sagittarius

9 Protostar Hot, contracting cloud of dust and gases

10 When the temp. reaches 10,000,000 °C, a star is born

11 Star forming region in NCG 2366

12 Star forming region of NCG604

13 Medium-sized Stars Most common star type Our sun

14 Red Giant Most of the hydrogen is used up Outer shell begins to expand

15 As it expands, it cools and becomes red

16 Core gets hotter – up to 200,000,000 °C – where helium is fused into carbon

17 Gas drifts off forming a planetary nebula

18 Eskimo Nebula – NCG2392

19 MyCn18 – young planetary nebula 8000 light years away

20 Stingray Nebula – youngest nebula known

21 Ring Nebula – planetary nebula around a white dwarf

22 White Dwarf Extremely dense White hot

23 M4 – comparison of ground based observation to HST

24 Massive Stars Start like medium-sized stars
Become supergiants after red giant stage

25 Temp can reach 600,000,000 °C Carbon atoms fuse and eventually form iron

26 Betelgeuse – red supergiant

27 Supernova Tremendous explosion Heat can reach 1,000,000,000 °C

28 Iron atoms fuse to form heavier elements
Can light up our sky

29 Southern Crab Nebula

30 Supernova remnant – Veil Nebula – NGC6992

31 Neutron Stars Often less than 16 km in diameter Spin very rapidly

32 Energy is given off in narrow beams
Pulsars – appear to give off pulses of energy

33 2 X-ray pulsars, Geminga and Crab Pulsar

34 Neutron star

35 Black Holes Incredibly massive stars
Gravity becomes so strong that even light cannot escape

36 Artist concept of a black hole

37 Black hole candidate in M87

38 Black hole in NGC4261

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