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Lent and Easter: the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

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1 Lent and Easter: the passion and death of Jesus Christ

2 The passion and death of Jesus Christ Why is it important? The suffering of Our Lord is the CENTER PIECE of our Christian Faith because: By suffering God brought back the friendship we had lost with Him.

3 Why? Where did our friendship with God stop? In the beginning of time, human beings rebelled against God. Because God the Father loved us so much and wanted to bring us back to Him, He sent His Son. Jesus Christ is the Son of God made man like us to take our place so as to seal that friendship again.

4 So why did Jesus have to die? Jesus died so as: –To gain for us forgiveness of our sins. Sin is the death of each person, only by dying to oneself could Jesus help us recover from sin. –To give us back the grace and the friendship of God. –This way Jesus showed His love for us and also manifested the evil of sin.

5 Jesus Christ offers himself In the Old Testament priests were in charge of offering sacrifices to God. They offered victims: bulls, goats, pigeons. Jesus Christ, eternal priest, did not offer either things of the earth or animals. He offered Himself. Jesus Christ is at the same time the Priest that offered himself on the Cross, and the Victim of this sacrifice. Love is an offering of yourself to another. Giving gifts represents how much you care for another. Giving yourself is much more.

6 Why did Jesus Christ offer Himself on the Cross? Jesus Christ offered Himself on the Cross mainly for four reasons: –To pay for the offence of sin. –To ask God for what we need. Intercede for us. –By obeying God’s will, Jesus gives glory to God, his Father. There is no greater love then this, then to lay down your life for your friends.

7 Lent is the Cross in our lives To only give to yourself makes life meaningless and empty. To give yourself to others gives meaning to your life and fills your life. To give yourself to God makes you great. Lent is a chance to give yourself in God

8 Lent helps us to follow Christ “He who does not take up his Cross and follow me cannot be my disciple” Offering up things for Lent: T.V., Internet, chocolate, sweets. Helping our mum at home with the washing and cleaning of the house. Offering up our study. Placing a crucifix on our desk. Most important thing is to give God Your TIME: Praying a little extra: a part of the Rosary, going to Mass more than once a week, doing a little time of prayer talking to Our Lord.

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