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Majors 101: Business Economics By Kathy Dong Rachelle Manookian Richard Hsieh.

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1 Majors 101: Business Economics By Kathy Dong Rachelle Manookian Richard Hsieh

2 Business Economics! School of Social Sciences Department of Economics: o Economics o Business Economics o Quantitative Economics May only choose one BUT all three majors may specialize in International Issues and Economics

3 So....what is Business Econ?! Learning what an Economics major would Applying it to the business world! What do you actually learn about? o the study of the production and consumption of goods and the transfer of wealth to produce and obtain those goods o What does this mean?!  How do we use our resources

4 What will you be learning? Helping businesses answer that question: o How should we use our resources? In order to answer this, we learn.... o How and why corporations expand o The impact of entrepreneurs o The interactions between corporations o The role of governments in regulation

5 Everyday Life Scarcity of goods, prices, and budget. Think of your consumption Watching the news o Politics

6 Change of Major Requirements o Cumulative GPA: 2.00 GPA o Complete these classes with 2.5+ GPA  Math 2A, 2B  Econ 20A, 20B o Note: No grade below a C

7 Jobs and Careers Accounting Administration Banking Consulting Data Analysis Economist Health Care (Administration) Higher Education Finance Human Resources IT Insurance Management Operations Research Sales/Marketing Teaching

8 Research Opportunities Summer Academic Enrichment Program (SAEP): o Intensive 5 week on-campus residential program. o Focus on first generation university students. o 8 units of academic credit. o Demands 5 week of commitment. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

9 Research Opportunities Honors Program: o Emphasis on  creative thinking skills, independent analysis, problem solving, writing, and communication. o Students will need to complete an independent research project  Honors thesis  Working with faculty

10 Campus Organizations Law and Economics Society The Economics Society Undergraduate Finance Association Undergraduate Business Association Accounting Association American Marketing Association The Economics Society Beta Alpha Psi Delta Sigma Pi Sigma Psi Lambda

11 Classes To Take The First Step Economics 20A (Micro) Economics 20B (Macro) Math 2A, 2B, Math 4 Later you will take... Economics 25 (counts for Mgmt 30A) Economics 15 A,B Economics 100 A, B, C Difference from Economics degree 3 more classes: Econ 25, Econ 122B, one more Econ elective

12 Want more information? Visit... Economics Department o Career Center o Any questions?

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