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Travel Destinations 3 Learning Unit 2: NORTH AMERICA Hawaii Session to complete module: 7-29 Current session: 22-23- 24 Date: 14-3-13 / 15-3-13.

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1 Travel Destinations 3 Learning Unit 2: NORTH AMERICA Hawaii Session to complete module: 7-29 Current session: 22-23- 24 Date: 14-3-13 / 15-3-13

2 Learning Objectives Provide information relating to airports at the various destinations within the continent. o Describe weather patterns existing at the various destinations within the continent. o Discuss transportation available at the various destinations within the continent. o Describe the popular tourist attractions and places at the various destinations within the continent. o Evaluate the lodging options available at the various destinations within the continent. o Compile a personalised itinerary of the tourist destinations. o Justify factors that motivate visitors to visit the destinations across the continent. o Analyse the possible misgivings concerning destinations across the continent. o Apply sales strategies to sell destinations within the continent.

3 1) Introduction Tens of thousands of tourists – cross the Pacific Ocean each week to visit Hawaii. Hawaii – known for its sweet, gentle and majestic islands of the world. 321 Hawaiian Islands But only 6 attract tourists – Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii ( called Hawaii`s Big Island)

4 1) Introduction Each of these islands have their own personality: Kauai – wettest and most tropical Oahu – bustling centre of tourism and commerce. Molokai and Lanai – sleepy little islands of the tourists path. Maui – great resorts and breathtaking beauty Hawaii – boasts active volcano`s Capital of Hawaii – Honolulu (Oahu)

5 2) Airports Main Airport - Honolulu International Airport, Kahukui (OGG) and Kona Airport (KOA) Main Carrier - Hawaiian Airlines However Hawaiian Airlines – provides inter islands flights as well. Many North America and foreign carriers – service the Island. Some airlines permit travellers to stop at Hawaii at no charge. Most flights are from US Main Land – Honolulu.

6 2) Airports To Honolulu – 5 hour flight West Coast and 11 hours from New York. Some carriers operate non stop flights from the mainland to other islands in Hawaii. A lot of small planes that fly tourists into scenic but hard to access canyons – Hawaii Big Island, Maui and Kauai.

7 3) Other modes of transport Sometimes – passengers can sail from US Mainland to Hawaii. Cruise ships – act as portable hotels when undertaking cruises around the islands. Bus services – is convenient in Oahu But car rental should be hired for all other islands. Public transport is not very good. Atlantis Submarines – unusual way to experience the waters of Oahu and Maui Canoes, yachts, boats – can be arranged upon arrival.

8 4) Weather Patterns Climate does not vary all year (stays relatively the same). It is generally hot and humid – strong winds keeps the islands breezy and pleasant. In winter – its can get cool at night. There is a lot of rain – However this is a peak tourist season. Summer – less rain, greater heat but also busy.

9 4) Weather Patterns Spring and fall – less crowed. Hurricanes – reach Hawaii in late summer, early fall. Weather does vary from place to place. Western part of islands – dry East and central mountains – frequent rain. Kauai's tourist areas – tend to be wet and rainy. Mauna Kea Mountain (Hawaii`s Big Island) – winter its is snow capped, sometimes offers skiing.

10 5) Important Places 5.1) Oahu Most visited and most populated island. Honolulu – central transportation hub. Business conducted – downtown Honolulu. Tourists – stay in Waikiki. Waikiki- offers hotels, stores and restaurants. This beach community has undergone a billion dollar facelift (restoration). North Shore – less populated, famous for its surfing. Often cloudy or raining but on a sunny day – good alternative to crowded Waikiki.




14 5.1) Oahu Other attractions: The Polynesian Cultural centre – near the town of Laie – villages, crafts and try to show Pacific Island life. Hanauma Bay – paradise for snorkelers. Pearl Harbour – boat ride to the USS in Arizona. The Bishop Museum – displays geology and culture of Hawaii.


16 5.1) Oahu Iolani Palace – principal home of Hawaiian royalty. Wainea Bay and Sunset Beach – in North Shore – massive waves for surfers. Waimea Valley – picture perfect water falls.


18 5.2) Maui Second most visited island. Beautiful beaches, condos and resorts. Kaanapali area – planned development – numerous resorts and hotels. North east coast – tropical and spectacular. Important attractions: Lahanina – old, picturesque, whaling villages. Giant Banyan Tree.




22 5.2) Maui The road to Hana – winding and overwhelming drive past waterfalls, pools and vine covered trees. Iao Valley State Park – major ancient battles took place. Maui Ocean Centre – marine park with underwater viewing tunnels. Haleakala – drive to the top is spectacular – especially watching the sun rise. Has the worlds largest dormant (inactive) volcano.



25 5.3) Hawaii`s Big Island Huge Island and has a wide variety of scenery. Good recommendation for almost anyone. Important Places: Kohala and Kona – rapidly developing resort areas. Hilo – islands largest city- once a prime tourist destination, but has lost its appeal – it is now a gateway to volcanic areas.

26 5.3) Hawaii`s Big Island Hawaii Volcano National Park – most famous is the active Kilauea Volcano. Tourist should call beforehand to find out whether they can visit an active lava flow. A drive from Hilo – drive through Parker Ranch and than to the moon like lava field of Waikoloa. Many of the big island beaches are rocky – therefore it offers fewer water sport activates than other islands.




30 5.4) Kauai Lush, moist and dramatic – what people picture a tropical island to be. Hotels are situated – Poipu Beach area, Liheu and Princeville area. Important attractions: The Fern Grotto- Fern lined cliffs and cave. can be accessed on a short boat cruise up Waialua River – popular site for weddings.


32 5.4) Kauai The Waimea Canyon – Grand Canyon like – can be viewed from a helicopter or plane. The Na Pali Cliffs – visitors can see them only if they hike, boat or fly there. Hanalei Bay – striking and serene area next to the resort city of Princeville.


34 5.4) Molokai and Lanai Small populations, few attractions and limited lodging choices These islands should only be recommended to tourists that want to get way from it all. Or who have been to the other islands before. Molokai – famous for Kalaupapa National Historic Park – site for famous colony and offers mule trips down a series of cliffs.

35 5.4) Molokai and Lanai Lanai – once a big pineapple plantation, one of the only islands were visitors can mix with locals. There are several relaxed but upscale hotels that are located in Lanai.


37 6) Possible Itineraries First time visitors – spend a week in 1 island or split time between Oahu and another island. More experienced Hawaiian travellers – can bypass Oahu and visit other islands. 7 days – 4 island itinerary via cruise ships – very popular.

38 7) Lodging Options Almost every major hotel chain in the world has numerous properties in Hawaii – Sheraton, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot. Hyatt and Marriott (KAUAI) and Hilton ( WAIKOLOA) – huge properties on the islands. There are also Hawaiian based lodging options as well – Outrigger, Resort Quest and Castle. Outrigger has OHANA – moderate level brand.

39 7) Lodging Options Resort Quest and Castle – budget and luxury properties. Oahu – has most hotels – mostly located in Waikiki. Waikiki – popular recommendation for budget minded tourists – lodging is available at all price levels. Hotels and Condos – other islands – expensive.

40 8) Factors that motivate tourists They want to visit an exotic and romantic paradise – bit one that is still familiar. Has a wide section of accommodation (budget / luxury), flights, independent tours and natural attractions Fly-lodge-drive packages – mostly available in Oahu – value for money. Climate – predictable – warm and pleasant – even in winter.

41 8) Factors that motivate tourists Water sports and beach activities are readily available. Other sports – hiking, tennis, golf and horseback ridding are limitless. Visitors have a choice – nightlife of Waikiki or relaxed possibilities of other islands.

42 9) Possible Misgivings Hawaii is too touristy There's not enough to do I have heard its expensive There nothing left of old Hawaii.

43 10) Sales Strategy Hawaii can be a bargain destination. When you think of Hawaii – you think of Paradise – however by staying in a budget hotel or having a compact car – this can undermine that feeling. Up selling should be appropriate in Waikiki – low cost hotels may leave much to be desired. Clients should be up sold an ocean view room.

44 10) Sales Strategy Clients staying in Oahu – should be recommended to include a 2 nd or 3 rd island stay. Travel agent- needs to have knowledge of the character of each island – as most people think that the islands are all the same. Up selling clients – to a jeep or convertible – attractive strategy.

45 10) Sales Strategy Cross Selling options – helicopter rides, dinning cruises, submarine rides etc Independent tours and inter island cruises – enables you to get bargains for clients and earn commission on the whole package. Escorted tours of the island.

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