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1 pH

2 Heartburn? Heartburn occurs when the acid from our stomach travels back up our oesophagus. It’s also known as Acid Reflux

3 pH The strength of an acid or base is measured using a scale called pH. pH stands for ‘power of Hydrogen’ pH scale ranges from 0-14 Acids have a pH less than 7 Bases have a pH higher than 7 Neutral pH is 7

4 Acids and Bases are actually related.
Weak acid = Strong base Strong acid = Weak base

5 Strong battery acid (sulphuric acid)

6 pH 1

7 pH 2

8 pH 3

9 pH 4

10 Black coffee pH 5

11 Urine pH 6

12 Distilled water pH 7

13 seawater pH 8

14 Baking soda pH 9

15 Milk of magnesia (Magensium hydroxide)
pH 10

16 Ammonia solution pH 11

17 Soapy water pH 12

18 Oven cleaner pH 13

19 Drain cleaner pH 14

20 Weak & Strong pH Measures the concentration of H+ available in water. The higher the concentration, the more acidic the solution is. The scale is exponential. pH 7 has a 1 to 1 ratio of H+: OH- pH 6 = 10x concentration of pH 7. pH 5 = 10x concentration of pH6. 1

21 pH Indicators pH indicators are chemical compounds which change colour depending on the concentration of H+ Examples: Litmus Thymol blue Phenolphthalene Bromothymol blue Methyl Orange

22 Why measure pH? We use pH indicators to measure a variety of things:
pH of Swimming pools Waterways and environment pH in the garden, soil. Stomach conditions, skin, hair and mouth

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