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English IV- Unit 3 Day 5- Rough Drafts, Malcolm X.

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1 English IV- Unit 3 Day 5- Rough Drafts, Malcolm X

2 Happy Monday! Only three days of class till break! Do-now: Speak with your partner about the following questions: Are you surprised about the way Malcolm X speaks of race relations in the text? Is it different than what you imagined it to be? If so, how is it different? If not, explain how it fits in with what your conception of what race relations used to be like.

3 Announcements: Next journals due: Tuesday, January 7 th Outside reading due: Friday, January 10 th *Note: Under the “announcements” part of my wall, your POL schedule is posted

4 Prayer (Gizel) Tuesday: Jessica, Thursday: Grisselda

5 SWBAT: Create a rough draft for your paper Explain how Malcolm X’s childhood shaped his views on race relations in his adulthood.

6 Malcolm X: P. 59– we’re going to read pieces of this, not the whole thing.

7 Quote written discussion on Malcolm X On the walls, there are multiple quotes from Malcolm X that are on colored papers. YOU will be commenting on each quote/writing on the papers below each quote. About 2 people will start at each quote, then when you finish your comment, wander to another quote. Please no more than 2 people at each quote at a time. You may also comment on other people’s thoughts, but try to ADD to the conversation and further it. Just saying you “agree” does not add to the conversation.

8 Questions to consider when looking at the quotes… What did Malcolm X take away/learn from this quote? What do YOU learn about Malcolm X from this quote? Does he have a legitimate point? Are there any flaws in his reasoning in the quote?

9 Rough Drafts Use this time to work on your rough drafts of your essay (due Thursday). A couple of reminders and helpful hints that people sometimes forget about: In your introduction paragraph, give a brief synopsis of your topic– what’s the issue and why is it an issue? INTRODUCE quotes– who said the quote? What’s the context? ALWAYS explain quotes– never ever end on a quote Avoid using any variation of the form “you” or “I” Avoid these!!!

10 HW: Read the summary of chapters 5-8 (on the table on your way out) Start reading on p. 144 and read until you finish chapter 9.

11 Exit: Tell me one comment you found interesting/thought-provoking from our colored paper quote activity today.

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