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Introductory “it” The Warehouse Madrid Advanced Course.

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1 Introductory “it” The Warehouse Madrid Advanced Course

2 If the subject is long… Put it at the end Substitute it at the beginning with “it” – That she got a ring for Christmas was ironic. – It was ironic that she got a ring for Christmas.

3 it + verb + adjective + (that) It’s obvious (that) he has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s incredible (that) he even works here.

4 it + verb + not + noun + (that) It’s not an aspect of his life (that) he likes to discuss. It’s not a part of his work (that) he likes to talk about.

5 it + verb + adjective + infinitive It’s difficult to know if she really is sorry for what she did to him. It’s hard to tell if he really wants to change. It’s easy to see he’s in love with her.

6 it + verb + that clause It follows that not winning is stressful. It appears that she’s found a knack for baking. – In these sentences the “that clause” cannot go at the beginning of the sentence.

7 it + object + infinitive with to + that It angered him to find out that she was cheating on him. It surprised him to learn that he was awarded a Nobel prize for literature.


9 It as the object of a verb Where it refers to a clause later in the sentence I love it that my parents are always supportive of me. I hate it that he works late.

10 verb + it + when We all hate it when we lose. He loves it when you call him Jerry. He can’t stand it when people push him in line.

11 verb + it + adjective + infinitive with to I find it difficult to cope with losing. I find it hard to accept that she’s leaving.

12 Careful with the use of it If the subject of the verb is a noun you CAN’T use it – Their fears were completely unfounded. – It was completely unfounded their fears.

13 Common expressions with “it” It’s no wonder… It’s no use… It’s no good… It’s no coincidence…

14 Exercise #7 1.It astonishes me that we only had two applicants. 2.It’s strange that she refused a promotion. 3.It won’t be easy to get this one finished on time. 4.It means a lot to me to have a good working relationship with someone. 5.It’s obvious that we need people with more experience.

15 Exercise #8 1.I prefer it when people shake my hand upon meeting me. 2.I can’t bear it when the bus leaves earlier than the scheduled time and I’m late to work. 3.I find it easy to read on the metro. 4.My student’s don’t consider it impolite to chew gum in school. 5.My students always enjoy it when I play games with them. 6.He would love it if you called him.

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