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Earth’s Waters Chapter 4.4 Pages

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1 Earth’s Waters Chapter 4.4 Pages 134-140
Currents & Climate Earth’s Waters Chapter 4.4 Pages

2 Go With the Flow Currents: a large stream of moving water that flows through the ocean Carry water great distances Occur at varying depths

3 Surface Currents Surface currents affect water to a depth of several hundred meters Driven mainly by wind Move in circular pattern due to Coriolis Effect, caused by Earth’s rotation.


5 The Gulf Stream

6 Deep Currents Deep Currents are caused by differences in density, not wind Warm surface water flows to poles Cools and sinks Flows back towards equator.

7 Climate Climate is the pattern of temperature and precipitation typical of an area over a long period of time Currents affect climate by cooling / warming air above them.

8 Upwelling Upwelling is the upward movement of cold water from the deep
Caused when wind pushes warm surface water away Deep water brings with it valuable nutrients.

9 El Nino

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