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Second Grade 2005 – 2006 Presents. About This Book Second Graders used their great imaginations to create these personification stories. They were challenged.

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1 Second Grade 2005 – 2006 Presents

2 About This Book Second Graders used their great imaginations to create these personification stories. They were challenged to pretend an inanimate object could act and think like a person. These are their stories.

3 Im up the wall. Im between the posters. Why are you staring at me? I am seeing the children are working. Maybe I should be quiet. I am seeing them working quietly. Wow my hands are too dirty. Man I sure like to point. Man this is too high for me.

4 Boy, why does everyone have to sharpen us. I dont like how Ben always drops me and how he always breaks my head. I dont like it! Wow I really am mad. Maybe I should sit down. Are those foot steps I hear? Oh, no here they come! I dont like how David always keeps taking off erasers from other pencils. I better go tell the other pencils about David so that we can go away tomorrow. I should really go! Okay, here I go. Im going to go roll to tell the other pencils now. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ouch! There they are. Oh No! People are here. I should tell my friends to hide. Everyone hide, they are here! Yay, somebodys here to pick me up. I could stay home. I will stay home.

5 Yes! Nobody sits on me. Good thing Eddie puts his stuff neat inside. The stuff that Eddie puts inside me is a little heavy. I wonder why I am blue and I have stripes. The thing is, I am not messy like other of my friends. Ah, I am flying! I do like when my friends live inside me. I wonder why Eddie has to take my friends out so fast. Oh No! Here he comes. Get ready for a fast ride!

6 Why does Aracely have to eat me? Aracely likes to eat me because I have chocolate. Stop eating me. Aracely ate all of me. Its all dark in here.

7 Hey Chris! I have knock knock jokes. Read faster. I can read me faster because I am too easy to read. Put me back. Dont rip my pages. Dont step on me. Put me away. I belong in fiction. Ive been here for weeks. Pick me. Please check me out! My spine hurts!

8 Ouch! Ow! Why does Alejandro always have to erase with me!? Then he puts me in his dark pencil case like all fourteen of my friends. Then he starts to poke me. In a factory people made me gray and put my name in front of me. Oh no, here he comes.

9 Stop! Ouch. Youre killing me. For Petes sake put my red hat back on. Youre making me dizzy. You broke me on December 1st, loser. You better not bite me again. Get a doctor quick. I need plastic surgery! I like that eagle on me, its tight!

10 Boy, I am dizzy. Why does Christian have to knock me down? How come Christian drinks my blood? Why does Christian have to bite my head? I hope my friend the water bottle is having fun. Look at that guy, one time he said he was my friend the book. He was totally squashed by that box. I hope I get clean. I hope they dont throw me again. Oh no, please no please dont knock me down please!!! Aww man!!!

11 Ouch! Be careful youre killing me. I am already bald. How hard is it to be something small and to be rubbed on? How much smaller can I get? Im getting smaller. Hurry I need a doctor. Come on people come on. Yes shes not going to use me for a week. I wonder if she is mad. What do I do when I get back? I hope she is not waiting for me at the door. If she is she is going to turn me into dust. Then Ill be gone forever.

12 Why do people throw me and kick me? People are mean to us. Like when that little baby bit me on my head. He cried because Im so hard I think his teeth fell off. I am outside and I am out on the playground. Good thing I am well. Ow! Ow! It is the kids!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Hey! Paola is using me again. Why does she have to press on me so hard? My ink will go away! Im sick… Finally, theyre going to lunch. Now I have to drink water because Paola was pressing so hard. I am going to take a nap. This is… Oh No! I hear foot steps. Second grade is coming. I am doomed. Paolas going to use me again.

14 Here she comes to talk on me! O no! Isela! Shes going to scream in my ear. Theyre going. Now I can sleep. I am so hungry. I am so poor. Can I have a cent please. No, dont ignore me. Why doesnt anybody listen to me? Where are you going? Why cant anybody stay with me? School is over! Ring! Ring! Here I go again.

15 Ouch! Why does Yaqueline have to close me so hard? Every day she closes me so so hard. I should tell her, but how if I cant talk. I know. When she opens the book tomorrow Ill tell her. Let me ask my friend Water Bottle. But he never has ideas. I know. When she leaves home Ill tell her nametag.

16 Owowow! Why do people have to break us and why do they want to kill us? People always write hard. Why do we have to be in a basket? I wish I was one of them. I also wish I walked. Good thing they have time so it could be over. When they are done writing my head hurts. I wish I had no head. When people are done they lay us down hard. Thats why I wish I was one of them or else Ill be killed. Why do people throw us? I come in any color in a box with friends.

17 Slam! Ow! Dont they know that hurts?! And why do they play such loud music? Here we go again. Plop! Ill get you crazy birds!!!!! Kids! AAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Ouch! Ouch! Get off of me! Todays a bad day.

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