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“ Recent Advances in Food packaging and Health concerns”

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1 “ Recent Advances in Food packaging and Health concerns”
B K Karna Dy. Director (Regional Head) Indian Institute of Packaging Hyderabad

2 The Packaging is sunrise industry in India

3 Packaging : Silent marketing tool
1. First Handshake to Consumer 2. Simple equation : PACKAGE = PACK + AGE P : Protection, Preservation, Presentation A : Attribution C : Contain K : Knowledge + A : Aesthetics G : Graphics E : Economy 3. Better Packaging, Better Living

4 Indian Institute of Packaging : Known as IIP
Established by Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, In 1966 Head office at Mumbai and regional centre at Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad. Hyderabad centre is new. Govt. of AP has extended support to provide land free of cost at Sanathnagar.

5 IIP: Activities Laboratories:- Testing & evaluation for packaging materials and Packages. Estimation of shelf-life of Packaged products. UN Packaging Certification for Dangerous Products. Training :- Conducting PG Programme, Distance Education Programme, Certificate Programme, One week Training Programme, Seminars, Conferences etc. Consultancy :- Proto-type Package Development, Advisory visit cum in-house development programme, Turn-key projects etc. Please visit our web site for more information about IIP http//: IIP-Hyderabad Phone: and mobile: &


7 Changing food habits amongst Indians
Increasing health consciousness proves good for packaging industry



10 Flexible packaging dominates due to low costs
Rural marketing pushing demand for sachets PET bottles gaining immense popularity, at the cost of glass bottles Glass is associated with aesthetics and hygiene Glass bottles are losing out

11 Aseptic Packaging : Tetra Pack

12 Changing Dynamics- Rigids to Flexibles
Rigids giving way to flexibles…..Retort Pouches, Stand Up Pouches, Spouted Pouches, Unit Packs

13 The Packaging market has been fairly resilient in recent years as new Packaging continues to drive growth.

14 Packaging Related Laws
PFA FPO AGMARK Edible Oil Packaging (Regulation) Order, 1998 W & M (Package Commodity laws) Bar Code BIS UN Mark Veg / Non-veg India does not have stringent labelling norms for food items Food regulations only deal with safety standards of ingredients Government needs to adopt nutrition labelling norms of other countries

15 The Packaging Cultural Show
On the occasion of the Inauguration of IIP-Hyderabad

16 PRIMARY PACKAGING 100-ml pouch 200-ml pouch 500-ml pouch one-litre pouch, one-litre PET bottle, 2-litre bottle, 5-litre and 15-litre packs

*HD/LD/HD with blending of LLD in all the three layers. *HD/LD/LLD with blending of LLD in all the three layers. *HM/LD/HM with blending of LLD in all the three layers. Blend of METALLOCENE gives excellent sealing strength, better seal through contamination, better puncture resistance, better impact strength. However, blend of HM-HDPE gives better shelf life. Five layer LLDPE/Tie layer/Nylon/ Tie layer / LLDPE 90 micron film

18 Functional Requirements
High Density Polyethylene {HDPE} - HDPE is being used to improve following properties of films :     1. WVTR & OTR     2. Stiffness Low Density Polyethylene {LDPE} - LDPE is being used to improve the following properties of films :    1. Softness    2. Bonding Linear Low Density Polyethylene {LLDPE} - Linear Low Density Polyethylene   LLDPE is being used to improve the following properties of films : All materials should confirm for FOOD Grade

19 First time in India Tamper-proof tetra pack Dhara brand of edible oils was introduced by NDDB in 1989

20 PET PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) is a strong but lightweight form of clear polyester. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) exists both as an amorphous (transparent) and a semi-crystalline (opaque and white) thermoplastic, and can be made into either a resin or a film. It is used to make containers for soft drinks, juices, alcoholic drinks, water, edible oils, household cleaners, and other food and non-food applications. Weight Bottle Volume Preform Length Wall Thickness 15 g 0.5 L 89.8 mm 2.15 mm 16.5 g 2.50 mm 18 g 2.75 mm 26 g 1 L 113.5 mm 2.46 mm 28 g 1/1.5 L 118.5 mm 2.55 mm 2.76 mm 30 g 2.81 mm 32 g 3.04 mm 34 g 1.5 L 127.5 mm 3.05 mm 3.39 mm 35 g 3.18 mm

21 DR Tinplate for Oil cans
DR Tinplate is produced for the oil can size sector in the following sizes, thickness and tempers: Thickness 0.21 mm as against 0.29 mm for Single Reduced OC Tinplate. Size 895 mm x 660 mm, 900 mm x 660 mm, 905 mm x 660 mm for the body and 764 mm x 1015 mm for the top/bottom sizes. Temper DR-8 Yield Compared to Single Reduced Tinplate in 0.28 mm, the yield of 15 kg. Container in DR quality of 0.21 mm thickness will increase by 25% to 27%

22 Bag-In-Box Packaging Edible Oils
The Bag-In-Box packaging is easier to handle, carry, use, and store. Using the pouches for both high and low volumes (five to 1,000 liters) makes for more efficient manufacturing, storage, marketing and consumption.  The Bag-In-Box system enables easy pouring in both small and big quantities.  Bag-in-Box consists of a rigid outer carton and a flexible bag inside. The bag normally is a 4 ply bag of barrier and non-barrier PE films and laminates.The poly layer of the inside flexible bag is selected to keep the packaged product protected till the intended shelf life.

23 Transport Packaging : -
The most popular corrugated container, manufactured in a variety of flutes, A, B or AB. All flaps are of the same depth, and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half of the container width, so that they meet at the centre of the box when folded. This is a highly efficient design. The only overlap is the flap for gluing or stitching of the manufacturer's joint, and the inner (or minor) flaps. There is very little manufacturing waste. The RSC can be used for most products, and is the most common box style.                                                                                                                    

24 Reality bites Product Protection till ultimate consumer Shelf Life
Consumer Convenience Package Decoration & Sales Appeal Product Package Compatibility Transport worthy analysis

25 FUTURE PERFORMANCE Rigid plastics expected show the most impressive growth Indians are becoming more health conscious Campaigns to increase hygiene awareness Growing consciousness about looks and personality Indian economy experiencing good growth prospects Rising disposable income of the middle class Nascent markets are likely to evolve Still water in thin wall plastic containers to become popular Rural marketing becoming important Superiority of glass is being emphasized


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