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Political Geography Cy Woods High School 2011-2012.

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1 Political Geography Cy Woods High School 2011-2012

2 How power is distributed in a region Gerrymandering

3 Political Boundaries Types of boundaries Physical Rivers, mtns. Artificial boundaries

4 Democracy  People hold all political power.  Ex. Ancient Greece

5 Diffusion of Democracy

6 Republic  People have the power through elected representatives.  Ex. U.S., Germany, India

7 Monarchy  A ruling family headed by a king or queen holds power. ex. United Kingdom or Saudi Arabia

8 Totalitarian (Dictatorship)  An individual or group holds complete political power.  ex. North Korea (under Kim Jong-un), Germany (under Hitler), Soviet Union (under Stalin)

9 Theocracy  A system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god  Iran

10 What makes a country powerful?  Natural resources?  Military spending?  Political/Economic system?  Economic strength?

11 Patriotism and Nationalism  Pride in one’s country.

12 Conflicts  Cold War  U.S. vs. USSR  Iron Curtain  Communism vs. democracy  Berlin Wall  Korean War  Vietnam War

13 Conflicts  Balkan Conflict  Serbs, Croats, Muslims  Over land, religion, nationalism  Ethnic cleansing by Serbs  Yugoslavia

14 Conflicts  African conflicts  Rwanda genocide  Sudan civil wars and genocide  DRC - current  South Africa apartheid  Partly because of European colonial history

15 Conflicts  Israel-Palestine  Jews (Israelis) vs. Palestinians (Arabs)  Fighting over religion and land  Jews win wars and take territory  Have given Palestinians some control in West Bank and Gaza Strip  Palestinians are now a stateless nation (ex. Kurds in Iraq)

16 Quiz  1. Using the population pyramid, what type of economic activity would be most important in this country? 2. What does this country need to invest in for the future, education or healthcare for the elderly? 3. What is the term for the diffusion of goods and ideas from the Old World to the New World? 4. True or False. Life in rural areas tends to be more traditional. 5. Which world religion would you likely find in North Africa?

17  6. If a country has a GDP per capita of $31,000, a life expectancy of 78, an IMR of 9, and a literacy rate of 98%, would they be considered developed or developing? Quiz 7. Which country below would be considered socialist? A. U.S.B. South Korea C. SpainD. North Korea 8. Which of the following would you most likely see in a developed country? A. subsistence farmingB. traditional economy C. cottage industriesD. service industries 9. What is the name of the free trade zone made up of 27 European countries? 10. Who drew the boundaries of Africa thus creating the root of many conflicts there today?

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