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Harrison School District 2 5 th Grade Students Colorado Springs, CO.

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1 Harrison School District 2 5 th Grade Students Colorado Springs, CO

2 What is Safe Routes to Schools? A program designed to help improve your health through: walking biking healthy eating

3 The Purpose of Safe Routes to Schools To get more kids walking and biking to school

4 Weve got to get

5 Safe Routes to Schools is NOT just about walking Its about improving your total health by Eating better Increasing your activity Decreasing traffic which decreases pollution Increasing SAFETY!

6 Did mom or dad ever tell you to eat your fruits and vegetables? Someone your age, who exercises 30 - 60 minutes a day, should eat at least 4 cups of fruits and vegetables every day.

7 What makes a healthy meal? Lean meats and protein Turkey, fish, eggs, beans Fruits and vegetables Water or low-fat milk Avoid sugary sodas and juices

8 Get off the couch! Put down the TV and video game remote controllers! Get On the Move…at least 60 minutes a day! Exercise is necessary to keep your mind and body healthy!


10 Safety first! Wear the gear….whatever the sport

11 Wear it right! Wear it every time! Protect your head, protect your whole body!

12 Walk SAFELY! Obey all traffic signs and laws Be SEEN in traffic Cross in crosswalks whenever possible NEVER dart into traffic NEVER walk from between parked cars

13 SUMMARY Safe Routes to Schools Is about your health, your safety and your environment! Exercise + Healthy Eating = Better Health Less Cars = Less Pollution Better Health + Less Pollution = A Safer, Healthier YOU

14 Lets get MOVING! Can your school track the most miles?

15 Can your class walk from Colorado Springs to Washington DC, our Nations Capital, in two weeks? 1664 miles

16 Approximately 2000 steps = 1 mile Recommended: 10,000 steps a day = 5 miles EXAMPLE 5 miles X 5 days = 25 miles/week 25 miles X 50 students = 1250 miles per week












28 THANK YOU from DRIVE SMART COLORADO and the City Traffic Engineering Department!

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