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The Gateway to India MAHARASHTRA. Indias 2nd largest State 308,000 sq kms, from coast to central India 110 m people (9%), more than most countries 42%

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1 The Gateway to India MAHARASHTRA

2 Indias 2nd largest State 308,000 sq kms, from coast to central India 110 m people (9%), more than most countries 42% Urban, against Indias 28% Young, 67% below 34 years Literacy 77% (India: 65%), sharp increase in female literacy in last decade LARGE, LITERATE AND URBANIZED

3 Indias largest economy: 13% of National Income Per Capita Income 45% higher 9% average growth in last 4 years (slowdown, 08-09: 6.7%, high by world standards ) INDIAS ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE

4 Maturing economy: growing services (62%), strong industry base (25%) 4.8% industrial growth 08-09 ( 7.5% in 07-08)… …But services continue to grow at over 10% INDIAS ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE

5 1/5th of countrys industrial output value and net value added 14% of all factory employment Indias largest employment provider (total, and non-farm) Over 40% of Indias fiscal receipts INDIAS ECONOMIC POWERHOUSE

6 Since 1991 delicensing, highest no. of industrial proposals, largest employment Leads in value of output in 15 out of 25 Industry sectors… …including auto and components, machinery, food products, basic metals, etc High productivity: A factory in Maharashtra employs 16% more capital and 2% more labour, but produces 37% more output and adds 51% more value (ASI) INDUSTRIAL DIVERSITY, DEPTH

7 159 industrial Mega Projects approved since June, 05… …of which 35 in 08-09, 27 more upto August, 09 inspite of slowdown Rs. 1,37,000 cr investment proposed, 2.04 lakh new jobs expected (+ GFH, 2 other prestigious projects) INDUSTRIAL MEGA PROJECTS

8 41 in production, including GM, VW, Hyundai, LG, CanPack, Rieter, GM (19 in backward areas) 39 under construction, 35 have obtained land Latest entrants include global leaders like POSCO (South Korea), GM expanding INDUSTRIAL MEGA PROJECTS

9 Rs 504,272 cr investment planned or under execution, 6,152 infra, industrial, other projects (Projects Today, September 09) Followed by AP, Orissa, Gujarat, WB and TN 1/5 of Indias fresh investment (Apr–June 09) Implementation rate 51%, 2-12 %age points above leading States, rising trend LEADS IN PROJECT INVESTMENT

10 Since 1991, 23% of FDI into India, highest share: 4,133 approvals, Rs. 82,000 cr 17% of Foreign Technical Collaborations Indias leading exporter, over 25% share… Competitive business, enabling environment MOST GLOBALLY CONNECTED STATE

11 146 approved SEZs, highest in India 54 notified: 10 have started development, units eastablished in 14 SEZs so far 64 units already set up, 65,000 actual employment MIDC, MADC and CIDCO also major players, alone or with leading private partners MOST GLOBALLY CONNECTED STATE

12 PEOPLE POWER… 13% of Indias engineering colleges, 1/5th of management colleges, spread across State Over 200,000 annual student intake in professional, technical and related institutions Innovative industry partnerships with ITIs, polytechnics

13 Strong, improving, expanding infrastructure: old strengths, new plans MIDC: largest industrial infra provider, supplies water to several cities/towns also Mumbai: worlds 6th largest metropolitan area, Indias most cosmopolitan city, among worlds top 10 Financial Centres …AND SOME OTHER STRENGTHS

14 Mega Project Policy 2005 Industrial, Investment & Infrastructure Policy 2006 Package Scheme of Incentives 2007, stress on backward areas, employment POLICIES

15 BT Policy 2001 - Maharashtra now has 33% share of BT industry, followed by Karnataka (BioSpectrum) - New incentives for private BT Parks IT & ITES Policy 2003 - 8 x export increase, now 2 nd to Karnataka - 63 private IT Parks started, 1.42 lakh jobs - New Policy 2009 announced POLICIES

16 Wine Policy 2001 - 10 x increase in wine production, 90% share - Recent VAT reduction, extension of excise exemption SEZ Policy 2001 Draft SEZ & Designated Areas law, awaiting Central approval POLICIES

17 Ranked ahead of Brazil, Italy, Korea, South Africa and Russia (IMD Switzerlands World Competitiveness Report 2006) Indias most competitive State (Businessworld 23.2.09, with Institute for Competitiveness, Gurgaon) WHAT OTHERS SAY

18 Largest project investment, high and increasing implementation rate (Projects Today) Maharashtra tops Indian States, best industrial climate for investment (followed by Gujarat, TN and AP) (New Media, with Indicus Analytics, July 2009) WHAT OTHERS SAY

19 Most favoured destination in 08-09: 20.6% of institution-financed private corporate capex (followed by Gujarat, Orissa and AP) (Reserve Bank of India, August 09) 3 x increase, up from 3r d place in 07-08 WHAT OTHERS SAY

20 Land acquisition, resettlement Real estate costs in prime areas Employment to local people Balanced regional development Strengthening infrastructure, tailoring PPP models SOME ISSUES

21 Improving ease of doing business Impact of global financial crisis, economic slowdown Inter-agency coordination, Centre and State SOME ISSUES

22 Interface between companies and State agencies Feed members experience into State policy and procedures Anticipate future problems and opportunities, with State-level focus ROLE OF CHAMBER

23 Americas Gateway to India MAHARASHTRA

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