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District Advisory Council (DAC) 1 October 22, 2012 Westlawn Elementary School.

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1 District Advisory Council (DAC) 1 October 22, 2012 Westlawn Elementary School

2 2 Federally funded Part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) (also known as “No Child Left Behind”) Goal: to ensure that all students meet challenging state academic standards.

3 School Selection Schools are chosen based on the percent of students receiving free or reduced- price lunch Schools are served in order, beginning with the school with the highest percent of low-income students 3

4 4 In Fairfax County, 38 schools will benefit from the Title I grant in 2012-13.

5 The objectives of Title I in FCPS are to: Improve language arts skills Develop mathematics skills and concepts Promote critical thinking and problem solving skills Encourage family involvement in the education of children 5

6 6 Schools design their own plans for raising the level of achievement for all students.

7 7 Title I funding provides high quality instruction in mathematics...

8 8...and language arts.

9 9 Language arts teachers help children learn to read and write. Language Arts

10 10 Language arts teachers meet with students in the classroom or in small groups.

11 11 Mathematics teachers work in classrooms... Mathematics

12 12 …and with students in small groups.

13 13 Title I teachers plan with regular classroom teachers to coordinate instruction.

14 14 Reading Recovery Reading Recovery ® provides individualized reading intervention for selected first grade students.

15 15 Literacy Collaborative Literacy Collaborative ® provides school embedded professional development for teachers to strengthen language arts instruction in the classroom.

16 16 In a school using a Title I schoolwide instructional model, all students benefit from Title I resources.

17 17 Family Involvement is an important part of the Title I and is required by the law. How can parents help?

18 18 Attend programs for parents to learn ways to help children at home with reading and writing.

19 19 Come to programs at school to learn ways to practice mathematics skills at home.

20 20 Supervise homework and help children develop good work habits.

21 21 Meet with your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s progress.

22 22 Read with your child every day.

23 23 Practice mathematics skills at home.

24 24 Ask the principal for more information about Title I at your child’s school.

25 25 Also… Read and support your School-Home Compact Read the Title I Parents Matter Newsletter Volunteer to be a Title I District Advisory Council representative from your school

26 26 Additional ways Title I funds support schools In Fairfax County

27 27 Family Field Trips

28 28 Partners In Print Events

29 29 Parent Centers

30 30 Professional Learning For Teachers

31 31 Parent Liaisons

32 32 For more information about Title I in Fairfax County, visit the Title I web site :

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