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Introduction to Singapore Customs

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1 Introduction to Singapore Customs
Presented by: Loh Fook Meng ADG (Compliance)

2 Outline Singapore Customs – About Us Our Organisation
Our Vision, Mission, Motto (VMM) and Values Our Roles and Functions Our Customers and Partners Our Challenges Ahead

3 What is Customs? What is Customs?
According to World Customs Organisation Glossary of Terms: “The Government Service which is responsible for the administration of Customs law and the collection of import and export duties and taxes and which also has responsibility for the application of other laws and regulations relating, inter alia, to the importation, transit and exportation of goods.” In Singapore, Singapore Customs (SC) is separated from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

4 Our Organisation

5 Re-constitution in April 2003
Trade Facilitation Div & Statistics Audit Unit of IE Singapore (MTI) Customs & Excise Department (MOF) Singapore Immigration and Registration (MHA) Trade Facilitation Trade Documentation Rules of Origin Immigration Registration Revenue Collection Customs Documentation Customs Enforcement Tax Suspension Schemes Strategic Goods Checkpoint Clearance Travellers, Baggage Cargo, Vehicles Singapore Customs (MOF) Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (MHA)

ORGANISATION CHART FROM 2 AUGUST 2010 DIRECTOR-GENERAL OF SINGAPORE CUSTOMS Mr Fong Yong Kian Head Internal Audit Mr Chua Liang Huat SENIOR ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (TRADE) Mr Lim Teck Leong ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (TRADE) Ms Teo Siew Lan ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (COMPLIANCE) Mr Loh Fook Meng ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT) Mrs Lam Meng Choo ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (POLICY & PLANNING) Mr Lee Tiow Yong ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (CHECKPOINT & CORPORATE SERVICES) Mr Mok Hei Chee ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL (INTELLIGENCE & INVESTIGATION) Mr Lee Boon Chong Head Procedures & Systems Mr Winston Tay Wee Hua Head Permits Compliance Mr Peter Cheah Hock Lye Head Finance Mr Vincent Leong Head Policy & Research Ms Ooi Chia Miin Head Checkpoint Services & Investigation Ms Joyce Lim Siok Keow Head Operations Policy & Development Ms Ivy Chong Head Schemes & Licensing Mr Teh Thiam Siong Head Company Compliance Mr Ho Ann Chuan Head Human Resource Ms Shamala Dhevi Head Planning Ms Tan Bee Lan Head Strategy Mr Alvin Neo Yeow Leong Head Corporate Information Technology Ms Yeo Beng Huay Head Operations Management 1 Mr Aaron Cheong Loong Wei Head Operations Management 2 Mr Long Foo Liew Acting Head Client Relations Ms Patricia Poh Pei Pei Head Trade Investigation Ms Eo Boon Kian Head Corporate Communications Mr Victor Seah Teck Siong Head International Relations Ms Sung Pik Wan Head Corporate Administration Mr K Chandran Head Intelligence Mr Samuel Ong Guan Kun Head Trade Strategy Ms Fauziah Abdul Sani Head Trade Security Ms Karen Lim Shu Wen Head Risk Assessment Mr Goh Yeow Meng Head Competency Development Ms Sumathi d/o Govindarajan Head Special Investigation Mr Yeo Sew Meng Head Tariffs & Trade Services Mr David Foo Ching Yenn Head Suppression & Community Engagement Mr Wan Boon Oon Head Prosecution Mr S Krishnan

7 Total Staff Strength (as of 31 July 2010): 796 Level of Qualification
Our Staff Profile Total Staff Strength (as of 31 July 2010): 796 Schemes of Service Level of Qualification

8 Our Parent Ministry

9 Legislations We Administer
GST Act Customs Act Free Trade Zones Act Owned by MOF Owned by MFA Regulation of Imports & Exports Act Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act Owned by MTI Strategic Goods (Control) Act

10 Our Operating Locations
Customs Corporate HQ is located at Revenue House. Customs Officers are also deployed at the following places: Customs Operations Command (COC) Changi Airport Terminal 1 Changi Airport Terminal 2 Changi Airport Terminal 3  Budget Terminal Singapore Cruise Centre Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Tuas Checkpoint Woodlands Checkpoint

11 Examples of Operating Locations
Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Changi Airport T3 Revenue House T3 Customs Duty Office Woodlands Checkpoint Customs Operations Command T3 GST Refund (Landside)

12 Our Vision, Mission, Motto

13 Our Vision, Mission and Motto (VMM)
We make trade easy, fair and secure VISION A leading Customs that advances Singapore’s economy by assuring the integrity of the trading system As the guardian of Singapore’s trade, we uphold our laws to build trust to facilitate trade and protect revenue MISSION

14 Our Values Integrity Teamwork Commitment Courage Responsiveness
Carrying out operations in an impartial and fair manner. Making fair and honest decisions. Upholding honesty and fairness in actions even when it is inconvenient to do so. Teamwork Putting aside personal differences to achieve the organisation’s goals. Sharing knowledge to enhance the work of other officers or branches. Using one’s capabilities or knowledge to help the team to achieve its goal. Commitment Taking the initiative to go the extra mile for customers and colleagues. Putting the organisation’s interests or needs above self. Going beyond job scope to ensure issues are resolved. Dedication to seeing a task to the end. Courage Admitting mistakes readily and taking steps to remedy the situation. Daring to raise controversial ideas so long as they are for the organisation’s good. Responsiveness Anticipating changes and picking up trends, opportunities, risks and threats quickly. Addressing issues proactively, i.e. not waiting for someone else to take action. Acting promptly on enquiries and requests from both internal and external customers.

15 Our Roles and Functions

16 Our Roles

17 Intelligence & Investigation
Our Roles Compliance Trade Checkpoint Services Intelligence & Investigation Policy & Planning Corporate Development Corporate Services

18 Intelligence & Investigation
Our Roles Compliance Trade Checkpoint Services Intelligence & Investigation Policy & Planning Corporate Development Corporate Services

19 Trade Division 5 Branches Procedures & Systems Branch
Tariffs & Trade Services Branch Schemes & Licensing Branch Client Relations Branch Trade Strategy and Security Branch

20 Single Window for Trade
Handling the administration of TradeNet® System, including managing vendors and Controlling Agencies TradeNet® TradeNet® - World’s 1st single-window electronic platform for trade declaration. Made its debut in 1989 as the world’s first nationwide electronic data interchange system for clearance of trade documentation. The last major system upgrade was conducted in October 2007 (Version 4).

21 Single Window for Trade
S’pore Customs CA1 CA3 CA4 CA5 Traders Air Cargo Agents Shipping Agents Freight Forwarders From this TradeNet® Traders Air Cargo Agents Shipping Agents Freight Forwarders S’pore Customs CA1 CA2 CA3 CA4 CA5 To this 21 21

22 Single Window for Trade
Agri-food & Veterinary Authority International Enterprise Singapore Board National Environmental Agency Central Narcotics Bureau Media Development Authority InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore Singapore Customs [incl National Authority (CWC)] Health Sciences Authority Singapore Police Force Ministry of Manpower Singapore Civil Defence Force Ministry of Health 34 Controlling Units

23 Single Window for Trade
Agri-food & Veterinary Authority International Enterprise Singapore Board National Environmental Agency Central Narcotics Bureau Media Development Authority InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore Singapore Customs [incl National Authority (CWC)] Health Sciences Authority Singapore Police Force Ministry of Manpower Singapore Civil Defence Force Ministry of Health Single form Single submission Single interface Single process

24 Single Window for Trade
Automatic bank account deduction By cheque and cash 8. Customs duties collection Same electronic doc routed to controlling agencies for processing Separate documents sent to different controlling agencies for processing 7. Controlled goods handling Same electronic document routed to customs for processing Separate documents for customs processing 6. Dutiable goods handling Within 10 mins From 4hrs to 2-7 days 5. Turnaround time for approval Single copy Multiple copies 4. Copies of document NO trips required At least 2 trips or more 3. Trips per controlling agency per document Available 24 hrs Within office hours 2. Time of submission Electronically from comforts of office (or home) Via expensive dispatch clerks/ couriers 1. Submission of document TradeNet® Benefit Previous Manual process Characteristics Source: APEC Economies: Breaking down the barriers, Shanghai 2001 (modified) 9. Trade Documentation Fee S$10 per document S$2.88 per application

25 Single Window for Trade
Current Volume & Performance More than 8,000 users from 2,600 subscribers About 30,000 declarations per day More than 9 million declarations annually Collected over S$7b duties and GST in FY2009 100% of customs declarations processed and approved via TradeNet® 100% of the collections are made electronically through Inter-Bank GIRO 90% of permits processed within 10 minutes

26 Single Window for Trade
A multi-agency initiative led by SC, IDA and EDB. A neutral and secure platform that facilitates the exchange of information within the trade and logistics community, and with the government Legend: JP – Jurong Port TX - TradeXchange® VAS – Value added Service Providers

27 Helping Our Exporters Grow
Determining Rules of Origin (ROO) for preferential treatment & providing advice on valuation and classification of goods Leads ASEAN customs authorities to develop the ASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) The AHTN is a major step in facilitating trade among ASEAN countries while forging closer economic cooperation

28 Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
SC supports in negotiating the Customs Chapter of the various FTAs. SC also supports MTI in the rules of origin negotiations. These work are done to help improve the market access of our exporters. We have currently 20 FTAs in force. We collaborate closely with IE Singapore to conduct outreach to exporters to fully benefit from FTAs. In 2009, companies based in Singapore have enjoyed more than S$700 million in tariff savings.

29 Customs Trade Facilitation Schemes
Promoting and administering customs schemes Licensed Warehouse Zero GST Warehouse Temporary Import Air Store Bond Excise Factory Apex Licence Container Freight Warehouse Scheme Industrial Exemption Factory Scheme Duty-Free Shop

30 Delivering Schemes that Work
Suspending GST - Zero GST Warehouse Scheme Developing Niche Industries – Temporary Import Scheme From “Multiple Licences to One” – Apex Licence Business Times, 19 August 2008

31 Securing Supply Chains
Complex nature of today’s trade system means that all components of system are dependent upon one another for safe and secure trade. The WCO SAFE Framework of Standards secures the movement of global trade in a way that facilitates the movement of that trade.

32 Securing Supply Chains
National Authority for Secure Trade Partnership (STP) programme STP provides companies with a framework to guide development, implementation, monitoring and review of company's supply chain security measures Benefits include enhanced visibility, better branding, less inspection, expedited clearance (under Mutual Recognition Arrangements) Singapore Customs Director-General Mr Fong Yong Kian signing Mutual Recognition Arrangements with Canada Border Services Agency and Korea Customs Service at the WCO Council Sessions in June 2010

33 Securing Supply Chains
APEC Trade Recovery Programme Endorsed by APEC leaders in Sydney in 2007, APEC Trade Recovery Programme (TRP) establishes principles for ensuring swift trade restoration among APEC economies in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack on the global supply chain Fast trade recovery is of paramount importance to international trade

34 The 4 Informal Export Control Regimes
Exercising control over trade in strategic goods Security and Peace – Preconditions for trade to flourish Prevent proliferation of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) Strategic Goods (Control) Act regulates trade and transfer in sensitive goods and technology Adopted Full Lists of the 4 Informal Export Control Regimes Control with Facilitation – Strategic Trade Scheme National Authority for Chemical Weapons Convention (NA, CWC) The 4 Informal Export Control Regimes Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) The Australia Group (AG) Wassenaar Arrangement (WA) Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG)

35 Intelligence & Investigation
Our Roles Compliance Trade Checkpoint Services Intelligence & Investigation Policy & Planning Corporate Development Corporate Services

36 Compliance Division 4 Branches Permits Compliance Branch
Company Compliance Branch Trade Investigation Branch Risk Assessment Branch

37 Compliance Framework Customs Compliance Framework
(2) Deterrence through Effective Enforcement and Penalties (1) Timely Detection of Violations through Risk Management Techniques Customs Compliance Framework (3) Education through Outreach (4) Monitoring Compliance Status

38 Key Roles of Compliance Division
Conducting compliance checks on trade documents Conducting informed audits on companies customs requirements, and conducing stuffing and unstuffing functions Conducting investigations into revenue fraud Assessing the risk level of SC's external business processes and monitoring and targeting of companies for revenue evasion Setting incentives and penalties to promote voluntary compliance Conducting outreach and education to enhance compliance capability of trading community

39 Compliance Efforts In the last 2 years, there has been an increase in the number of parallel importers (PI) and growing market share of Motor Vehicle imports by PI. 2004 2007 2008 No. of Parallel Importers 66 142 187 % of Total MV Imports by Parallel Importers 4% 20% 24% Suspected cases investigated and errant traders prosecuted in court. Message sent to parallel importers that fraud will not be tolerated.

40 Errant Traders - Parallel Import of Motor Vehicles
Case 1 Straits Times – 16 Jan 2009

41 Errant Traders - Parallel Import of Motor Vehicles
Case 2

42 Errant Traders - Parallel Import of Motor Vehicles
Case 3

43 Intelligence & Investigation Division
6 Branches Operations Policy and Development Branch Operations Management Branch Intelligence Branch Special Investigation Branch Suppression & Community Engagement Branch Prosecution Branch

44 Key Roles Of Intelligence & Investigation Division
Providing intelligence support Undertaking functions on strategic and policy issues as well as the development of its computer application systems Focusing on improvements to the investigation and enforcement operations by identifying systemic lapses and recommend corrective actions and guidance Coordinating interdiction of IPR infringing goods at the borders Conducting surveillance and investigations to suppress duty evasion and syndicate smuggling

45 Key Roles Of Intelligence & Investigation Division
Conducting analysis to identify companies suspected of commercial fraud Conducting risk review and working with stakeholder branches to formulate strategies and implement control measures on risk elements identified Handling prosecution cases and providing legal advice on arrest and Customs cases. Driving community engagement to heighten public education and maintain public confidence in the enforcement of customs laws.

46 Contraband Cigarettes Enforcement
Incentive to smuggle due to high duty rate on cigarettes and huge price difference compared to neighbouring countries Marlboro retail price/pack (S$) 2.70 1.78 1.33 1.27 3.51 11.60 1.58 3.10 0.92 Source: Philips Morris July 2008

47 Contraband Cigarettes Enforcement
Multi-pronged strategies to tackle demand and supply side of problem: Closing regulatory gaps to prevent abuse of customs procedure for smuggling Risk profiling to interdict smuggling via commercial consignments Increased quantum of composition sums and having tougher prosecution guidelines Increased resources to combat smuggling, including engaging CISCO and leveraging on other enforcement agencies Enhanced technological support for enforcement operations Publicity campaign against contraband cigarettes New marking requirement on individual sticks of cigarettes

48 Contraband Cigarettes Enforcement

49 Contraband Cigarettes Enforcement
Case 1

50 Contraband Cigarettes Enforcement
Case 2

51 Collaboration with Other Agencies
ICA detects smuggling through checkpoints Joint operations and intelligence sharing with other enforcement agencies Coordinate with MOM, ICA and MOE on foreign offenders Coordinate with NEA, MEWR and ICA on illicit shipments of Environmentally Hazardous Goods

52 Checkpoint & Corporate Services Division
3 Branches Checkpoint Services & Investigation Branch Corporate Information Technology Branch Corporate Administration Branch

53 Key Roles Of Checkpoint & Corporate Service Division
Providing essential customs services at the major checkpoints Planning and providing IT services to meet the needs of the department and create greater value in customs service delivery Providing the functions of office administration, facilities management and security

54 Efficient and Customer-centric Checkpoint Services
Providing essential customs services at the major checkpoints Collection of duty and GST payment from travellers. Facilitating tourist GST refund of over $125 million in 2009.

55 Intelligence & Investigation
Our Roles Compliance Trade Checkpoint Services Intelligence & Investigation Policy & Planning Corporate Development Corporate Services

56 Policy & Planning Division
3 Branches Policy & Research Branch Planning Branch International Relations Branch

57 Key Roles Of Policy & Planning Division
Driving SC's strategic and corporate planning processes and plans, and policy formulation Conducting policy reviews Promoting technical cooperation to further national interests Participating in international/regional customs meetings and Free Trade Agreement negotiations

58 Contributions to International Trade and Customs Community
Chair of APEC 09 Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP) Chair of WCO and APEC Special Group on drafting of Trade Recovery annex to the SAFE Framework of Standards Chair of ASEAN Customs Procedures and Trade Facilitation Working Group (CPTFWG)

59 Corporate Development Division
4 Branches Communications Branch Finance Branch Human Resource Branch Corporate Competency Development Branch

60 Key Roles of Corporate Development Division
Managing SC’s corporate reputation and facilitating internal and external stakeholder communications. Managing SC’s monetary resources and providing full range of financial management services Attracting and retaining the best talent for SC through implementation of effective HR practices Strengthening SC staff competencies through various competency-based specialised training

61 Internal Audit Branch Internal Audit Branch
Evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls and ascertain whether policies and guidelines are complied with.

62 To summarise our roles and functions….

63 Summary Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement are two sides of the same coin. Risk management plays an important role in every facet of customs work. Concept of traffic controls at the highways.

64 Our Customers and Partners

65 Our Customers Our Customers Trading Community Travelling Community
Importers/ Exporters Manufacturers Freight Forwarders Licensees Arriving Travellers Departing Travellers Approx 90,000 entities registered with SC to engage in import/export activities.

66 Customer Engagement 24X7 Call Centre (outsourced to CrimsonLogic)
Regular dialogue sessions with traders Account Managers for traders under various schemes/programmes Key Customers Programme Strategically engage and enhance service experience of key customers through assignment of relationship managers Training the Trading Community: - Customs Competency Programme for Businesses (CCPFB) and Strategic Goods Control Programme for Businesses (SGCPFB)

67 Our Partners Partners

68 Importance of Fostering Partnerships
Greater rapport and understanding of each other’s needs and challenges. Leveraging on each others’ resources and expertise. Sharing timely and reliable intelligence and information. Streamlining existing and/or future working procedures. Gathering innovative ideas and new growth opportunities for the future.

69 Our Challenges Ahead

70 Singapore’s Success: A World-Class Global Trade Hub
Singapore lives by international trade since its founding in 1819. Trade has been and will continue to be a key pillar in Singapore’s economy. In 2009, Singapore total trade volume reached $747 billion. Ranked 1st in Ease of Doing Business and Trading Across Borders by The World Bank Report 2010. Overall, Singapore Customs contributes to Singapore’s trade growth.

71 Our Challenges A Fast-Changing Landscape
International trading environment has become more complex. Security is a world-wide concern.

72 Our Challenges Maintaining Singapore’s international competitiveness.
Striking a good balance between being business-friendly and maintaining trust and integrity of our trading system. Collaborating with other countries to enhance trade security, e.g. through more mutual recognition arrangements to facilitate Singapore’s exports.

73 Thank you

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