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WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Some reasons for completing Year 12.

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1 WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? Some reasons for completing Year 12

2 What do YOU want out of life? Possessions: decent car, house, tv/sound system….? Good relationship, start your own family? A good lifestyle/social life? A good job? ……….?

3 What do I need to get there? A job that satisfies you, has opportunities for you to use your skills, has the opportunity for promotion, offers good pay has been shown to have a positive effect on: Relationships Physical and mental health on the individual AND their spouse/children Financial stability The better jobs usually require more skills and training than you can get at school

4 How much do I need to earn? Rent$150 (or loan repayments, water, rates) Food$100 Power – gas/ electricity $15 Clothes $.... Phone & internet $25 Travel e.g. train, bus OR car ( repayments, fuel, repairs ) Entertainment e.g. ‘going out’, drinks……… Reality check: Approx. 74% 15-19 yr. earn less than $250 per week, and only 5.5% more than $400! An old age pensioner gets $285 per week.


6 Improving your occupational status AND earnings University: increase by 30% (+ rapid promotion) Apprenticeships: increase by 20% TAFE University: by 20% TAFE diploma: by 14% Traineeship: by 8%; TAFE certificate: 5% Employment : small increase based on increasing experience and age – ACER Longitudinal Survey of Australian Youth : Research Report 55- Nov.2008

7 WHAT QUALIFICATIONS DO I NEED? Current qualifications within Australia% of 15-64 population University qualifications20.0 VET qualifications29.9 No qualifications50.1 Potential qualifications pathways for jobs% of employment University pathways24.0 VET pathways62.3 No qualifications13.7 Source: Megan Lilley AIGroup


9 Some impacts of ‘NOT fully engaged’ “Rather than simply becoming dissatisfied with their income, future career direction or the work they do…,young people who are in (part-time work, unemployment or have withdrawn from the labour force) report decreased satisfaction with their social lives, their use of spare time, their independence and their lives as a whole.” Life Satisfaction of Young Australians……LSAY Research Report 43. Kylie Hillman

10 A further word of caution Many of these are part-time and/or casual jobs, provide low level of income, and may finish up at any time – giving no feeling of security They MAY meet the requirements of short- term cash, but………. Do they lead to anything that will help you meet your lifestyle goals???

11 HOW CAN I DO BETTER THAN THIS? Talk to your Careers & Pathways advisors. They can show you a much wider range of interesting jobs than you have probably thought of and how to: See what education & skills you need Improve your skills Improve your employability Show different ways of reaching your goal » End of show – Thanks for your attention. Any questions??


13 1980s Mostly full-time jobs Jobs for life – one career path (e.g. banks, the SEC, the Post Office with mail and phone services) Lots of manual labour type jobs For most people, learning stopped when you left school

14 Technology Revolution -late 1980s into 1990s Computers take off – in the workplace, and the PC becomes significant The internet starts – www becomes known Easy, cheap overseas communication Greater access to knowledge The market place and the stock exchanges are globalised: the rise of the multi-national corporation (e.g. Rupert Murdoch, McDonalds)

15 Resulting changes: 1.Huge increase in business competition from companies outside the local area This leads to : More casual work More part-time work Less full-time work More contract work Less manual labour work More “knowledge” and skilled workers


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