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1 CRICOS Provider 00115M School Partnership Program Presenter: Hayley Cail School Partnership Program Co-ordinator Regional 1 May 2014

2 2La Trobe University The School Partnership Program Aims To work collaboratively with schools to develop activities that provide extra curriculum support, academic preparation and increased awareness of university course offerings and careers. Building Education Aspiration: How far a student hopes to progress in school and the degree of education they seek to achieve

3 3La Trobe University Why the School Partnership Project? The Importance of Education Education increases life expectancy Raises earnings by approximately 10% linked to better health and reduces illness

4 4La Trobe University Metropolitan students are 1.5 times more likely to participate in higher education or higher level VET courses than their regional counterparts.

5 5La Trobe University Factors influencing Aspiration Research into Education Aspiration for Regional Victoria, RPAC August 2013 Student Education Aspiration Socio- economic status Available transition support and assistance Parental and family views regarding education Personal views regarding the value and benefit of education Knowledge of post secondary education career opportunities Schooling experiences and attainment Peer influences regarding education Community attitudes regarding education Costs associated with undertaking post secondary qualifications Opportunity cost associated (of not working) with further study Eligibility for/access to financial support Social Capital in regional community Expectations following school completion Local economic conditions (and employment opportunities) Highest level of parental education Expectations following School completion Influence of the mother on the child, including highest level of education Year 12 completion and academic achievement prior to year 12 Availability of support for “at risk” students and those who are disadvantaged

6 6La Trobe University Interventions to improve educational aspirations Source: Regional Policy Advisory Committee: Research into education aspiration for regional Victoria, August 2013 Improved Career Education Outreach Activities Recruitment activities Upskilling career educators Improved Student Engagement Improved year 12 completion rates Encouraging student understanding of the value of education Improved parental and community Engagement Challenging family and community values and perceptions of education and learning Education regarding the value of post-school education Financial Support Scholarships Family financial support Paid employment Government income support Transition Support Financial, childcare and housing assistance Development of academic skills

7 7La Trobe University Overall findings from 15 partnership Schools Between 2011 and 2013 there has been an increased proportion of: Students aspiring to higher education Teachers believing that students are aspiring to higher education Students and teachers affirming an understanding of issues related to university Students and teachers indicating that schools are promoting university participation Students actively engaging with La Trobe University Students accessing and using career information Teachers, particularly in regional areas, undertaking professional development through La Trobe University.

8 8La Trobe University YEARS 9 -10 YEARS 11 - 12 Explore and Connect LaTrobe  Participate in a variety of interactive activities in undergraduate courses and explore future career possibilities  Enrich school curriculum by connecting with Faculty led workshops  Explore the connection between subject selections and post-secondary study Decide and Apply LaTrobe  Investigate relevant pathway options and courses at LaTrobe university  Understand University offerings and life as a University Student at LaTrobe  Participate in VCE linked workshops to support student revision and completion of Assessments YEARS 7 -8 Discover LaTrobe  Introduce Students to University  Familiarise students with the University Campus and the people  Build a sense of belonging and understand the university community School Partnerships Program Regional Program Framework for School Engagement

9 9La Trobe University Barriers to educational participation and aspiration Source: RPAC : Research into Educational Aspiration for Regional Victoria, August 2013 Retention in and completion of secondary education School retention Student engagement Specific difficulties in regional areas Awareness of and exposure Exposure to role models and experience Access to information Personal characteristics and motivations Family background Parental educational attainment – especially the mother Community and peer attitudes Social and emotional concerns Provision and access Geographic barriers Lack of public transport Financial and cost concerns A lack of transition support and assistance Isolation and lack of support Comparative latter success

10 Thank you CRICOS Provider 00115M Hayley Cail Schools Partnership Program Coordinator (Regional) T: 5444 7303| M: 0435 965 999 Email:

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