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GO GOLDFIELDS A New Role for Local Government in Social Change.

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1 GO GOLDFIELDS A New Role for Local Government in Social Change

2 Introduction Where we are Who we are What we were faced with What we are doing What we have learnt so far…

3 Where we are

4 Who we are Go Goldfields Alliance: –Social reform in action –Alliance with governance through section 86 committee of the LG Act –Working together to find solutions where previous solutions haven’t worked –Includes all sectors Vision: Our community aspiring, achieving and living a full life

5 What we were faced with….2009 79 th of 79 shires in Victoria 60% children starting school require SP Highest CP reporting, re-reporting and out of home care in the region High levels youth unemployment Lowest levels post secondary qualifications in state Despite significant resourcing in the shire, nothing was changing  The stats of the shire was the story of the shire

6 What we are doing Focused on Community Outcomes 2015-2017 Outcomes refined  Positive life experience, language, literacy  Parenting skills and confidence  Community confidence and system response to family violence  Youth and families education and training, employment outcomes  Mental and physical health outcomes

7 Values Align Principles and Practice, ‘forms’ will follow Empowering parents, youth and families Listening and acting on community knowledge Child, youth centered, family friendly Providing access and quality services in the most appropriate setting Delivering services in a non-judgemental way Fostering action and accountability against the desired outcomes Utilising best available evidence Building on longer-term sustainability Prioritising prevention and early intervention

8 Service Focus: Holistic Approach Shire wide strategies –Community cultural change –Services cultural change –Engagement of leadership –Engagement of community

9 Place Based: Go Goldfields Best Start Strong Families A Suite of Integrated Strategies for Improving Outcomes for Children Mothers' Group Immediate post- natal BF Mentoring / Role Modelling Early Education Normalise Public BF Social marketing / key messages Engage community including insular families of 0 - 8 year olds in community activity and to services Embed community art throughout all children and family activities Co-ordinate use of communities facilities and spaces Deliver "One Family, One Plan" Service Providers skilled to work from Common Understanding / Approaches Stronger families through Reinforcement of Social Norms Better use Existing Networks Integrated Communication Development Approach Services Transfer Information Early Years Settings all have a C&L Focus Integrated Literacy Approach Strong Communities Breastfeeding Communication, Literacy & Numeracy Strong & Safe Families Community Strong Supportive Children Safe & healthy Developing well Families Confident Capable Resilient Schools & Services Responsive Effective

10 What we have learnt so far… Facilitate: Plan, design solutions locally Holistic: Outcome focus Effective governance Strength based Place-based/Collective impact Client/recipient involvement/control Evaluation Focus on outcomes Readiness community Resourced

11 What has not worked Things that Hinder: Funding and service Agreements Organisational focus Capacity to collaborate Generalist vs Specialist roles Increasing regionalisation of services ‘New thinking’ in the work makes it hard to communicate. Government restructuring/upheaval

12 Where from here.. Developed evidence based, fully costed strategy for 2015-2017 Organisations increasing challenge to change how they do what they do Greater engagement of Business community

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