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WELCOME TO. A word from our OSD Center President … The Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development, familiarly referred to as the OSD Center,

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2 A word from our OSD Center President … The Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development, familiarly referred to as the OSD Center, has been a supporter and sponsor of the OD Network Conference for many years. OD Network Conference Our BBI workshop, back by popular demand this year, is the longest running ODN pre-conference workshop and has sold out each time it's been offered.

3 The Gestalt/OSD presence at this years OD Network Conference is very strong, with three Gestalt organizations in attendance at the conference. 1. Gestalt International Study Center (formerly Intimate Systems Center GIC) CEO Nancy Hardaway 2. Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (formerly Clinical Center GIC) Interim AD Jeff Vengrow 3. Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development (formerly OSD Center GIC) CEO John D. Carter

4 We are especially excited that a number of current and former faculty as well as graduates of OSD Center training programs are presenting, including three of the founders of OSD programs: John D. Carter Edwin C. Nevis Carolynn Lukensmeyer Carolynn will be presenting a keynote address at this years conference. Several OSD graduates are also presenting at the conference.

5 Introduction to Gestalt OSD Since 1974, the Gestalt Organization & Systems Development Center has worked to seamlessly integrate Gestalt psychotherapy, organization development, and systems thinking into coherent training programs designed to support and enhance the intervention skills of organizational consultants, coaches, and other change-agents. Our training programs are world-class, and our participants and graduates come from around the globe. We believe that the true worth of our interveners is not measured by the particular set of skills or tools they possess, but rather by their ability to see themselves clearly in relation to others. Such clarity and self-mastery drives individuals to integrate organizational change knowledge and the synergy of working together to produce powerful interventions for superior results. Our programs are the original and still the best OSD training programs, led on most cases by the original founders and/or long-time faculty of the OSD programs.

6 What We Offer Organization & Systems Development Program (Standard Format & Weekend Format) Becoming a Better Intervener International Organization & Systems Development International Coaching Program Group Intensive Program (Advanced) & International Group Track Workshops: Introduction to Gestalt Interpersonal Interaction OSD Workshop Series Gestalt Coaching: Enhancing Your Compet ency

7 Meeting Space at Larchmere

8 Meet our OSD Training Program Chairs Marcella Benson-Quaziena, PhD Email: Email: Monika Moss, MFA Email: Email: Jonno Hanafin, MBA Email: Email: Veronica Hopper Carter, PhD Email: Email: John D. Carter, PhD Email: Email: To Be Announced OSD Standard OSD Weekend OSD International OSD Group Intensive OSD BBI OSD International Coaching

9 OSD Standard Training Program Marcella Benson-Quaziena, PhD is principal of The Benson-Quaziena Group. She consults for public and non-profit sectors in the areas of organization development, coaching, leadership, strategic planning, group process, group facilitation, and diversity. She is a faculty member at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, and adjunct faculty for the Master's Degree Program in Organization Development at the Fielding Graduate Institute.

10 OSD Weekend Training Program Monika K. Moss, MFA has dedicated her talents to helping hundreds of organizations and individuals in mapping their future for over 15 years. As a founder of MKM Management Consulting, she provides a full range of custom-designed services in capacity building, planning, meeting facilitation, and training to both private, public, and nonprofit organizations.

11 OSD International Training Program Jonno Hanafin, MBA has been an international organizational consultant for 30 years. His work in large organizations focuses on organizational architecture, executive transitions, senior team development, and change management in high-tech companies. He is interested in helping individuals think differently and act creatively, and in building organizations that benefit from both. He is co-chair of the Gestalt OSD/GISC International Program.

12 OSD Group Intensive Training Program Veronica Hopper Carter, PhD brings experience as a psychotherapist to her work as a trainer of organizational consultants, emphasizing all levels of system. With over 20 years' experience in the practice of Raj Yoga, she integrates spiritual principles, Gestalt theory and practice, and systems thinking into a base for her teaching. She is an associate of John D. Carter & Associates.

13 OSD BBI Training Program John D. Carter, PhD is an international organizational consultant with 30 years' experience. He has served on the Executive Boards of GIC, NTL, and the Fielding Institute, and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the OD Network. Themes in his work include managing complex systems change, merger integration, the management of professional organizations, and the personal and professional development of minorities.

14 TRAINING PROGRAM OBJECTIVES 1. Address the learning needs of individuals and organizations 2. Learn skills to lead, manage, and consult to change efforts 3. Influence people and processes 4. Increase skill and capability to achieve desired outcomes Teaching methods are varied and include lectures, readings, demonstrations, fieldwork assignments, and small group practice. Feedback on a consistent basis is a critical part of the hands-on and experimental nature of these programs. Faculty ratio averages 1 faculty member for every 4 to 6 participants.

15 The programs have at their heart a four-fold focus : 1. The Gestalt OSD framework 2. Designing interventions 3. Developing individuals, groups, and organizations 4. Developing systems

16 SKILL ENHANCEMENT Discriminate among observations, interpretations, and judgments Develop greater awareness of ones own internal and external experience Recognize resistance in the client and systems and adopt a respectful attitude in working through it Observe and attend to processes at the intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, and organizational levels Identify conflicts and choices related to interventions required at each level of system

17 Hope to See You Soon Join us for a memorable personal and professional experience that will stay with you forever and change your life. Come visit our website for our current offerings LIVING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE MAKING A DIFFERENCE THROUGH MY PRESENCE

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