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PR Update for the Tamworth Muster. Our Polio Awareness Day Challenge.

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1 PR Update for the Tamworth Muster

2 Our Polio Awareness Day Challenge

3 Our district leads the charge, have you ordered your gear for October 24?

4 Let’s do this well and raise our Rotary profile at the same time….  6 team members to present pins to community Leaders  Get your newspaper and radio station to promote the day  Order your red T Shirts NOW @ $10 from  Order you banner – use them often  Are you up for the Red Bucket Brigade? Buckets available at Kmart @ 79c each  Order Rotary decals to put on your buckets  Do your bucket brigade on Saturday morning when everyone is shopping. Do you have markets in your town? Good there as well.  Check with council re authority to ‘solicit’.

5 We are this close – your challenge is to beat the $3,000 Armidale donated to help end Polio! It’s a drop in the (red) bucket, but every drop counts!

6 Our national PR Campaign is underway… ‘Conversations to Actions’  The Radio campaign by Bev Brock has been tailored to our district and tagged with our membership director’s phone number. This campaign is underway throughout the district as ‘community announcements’.  A print campaign is being rolled out with well known identities like Rob Pennicott (our Bear claims this headline), as our ambassadors.  A nation brochure has been printed for distribution throughout Australia.  Pull up and tear drop banners are to be distributed.  A number of ‘banner ads’ for our websites, bulletins, and email signatures will be sent.  Updated Zone website, and Facebook page has been aligned with RDU.

7 Rotary has a new logo and web page

8 And have you booked for Sydney, to join 25,000 Rotarians from around the World?

9 Book before December 15 for the Early Bird Discount  Events are now open and will fill fast.  Consider going in groups to share the costs  Make sure if you’ve been hosted on an overseas friendship exchange, that you send a special invitation to those hosts.  This is a big opportunity to meet Rotarians from around the world, without the cost of overseas travel.  Book on line at

10 Upcoming Webinar Opportunities October 22 & 25 at 8am (our time)  “Increasing Diversity plus connecting Rotarians beyond the club”. Register by going to the following address  78241 78241  February 4 & 10 “Public Image & enhancing Strategic Partnerships”  Date TBA “Innovation and Flexibility in the Club’  Registrations for the 2 nd and 3 rd webinars will be advised after the first has been held

11 Request from Humanity in Motion Publisher, PDG Tony Castley Tony would like 2 or 3 unique projects from each district – 200 to 300 words, with 4 or 5 high quality pics. If you would like to have your project promoted send to Tony at:- 8 Tramway Road, North Avoca, NSW. 2260

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