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Definitions of Tourism

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1 Definitions of Tourism
“Activity of people traveling away from their home community to engage in one or more of a variety of activities” “Study of: man away from his usual habitat, the industry which responds to his needs, and the impacts that both he and the industry have on the host socio-cultural, economic, and physical environments.” Dr. Jafar Jafari (Educator)

2 More Definitions! “The activities of a person outside his or her usual environment for less than a specified period of time, and whose main purpose of travel is other than exercise of an activity remunerated from the place visited. (World Trade Organization) “Study of man, or the ‘visitor,’ in the context of tourism which can call upon the disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, history, and others.” (Brent Ritchie, Educator)

3 Definition in Your Book
The temporary movement of people to destinations outside their normal places of work and residence, the activities undertaken during their stay in those destinations, and the facilities created to cater to their needs.

4 Tourism’s Scope International Travelers to U.S. $94 billion
American Travelers (outside) $82.0 billion = $12.0 billion surplus!! Directly employs 7.6 million people in U.S. World’s largest industry? In U.S. = 3rd (Auto & food stores) 2nd only to health services in employment

5 Texas Tourism Travelers’ to = $29.2 billion annually!
Over 450,000 tourism related jobs Generates over $1.7 million in taxes Ranks 2nd nationally as a destination Cali, TX, FL, NY, IL, NV # 2 in domestic travel as well!

6 Expenditure Patterns $ .38 Transportation .26 Food .17 Lodging
.10 Entertainment .09 Incidentals $1.00

7 Characteristics of Travel & Tourism
Movement Multi-purpose Exchange of Money It’s local – It’s Global It’s a massive growing industry May be a compelling motive form some May promote peace and understanding The industry is fragmented

8 Tourism is Complex The tourist (business or pleasure?)
The businesses providing goods/services The government of the host community The host community Thus, one definition of tourism is the interaction of these perspectives in attracting and hosting tourists


10 Supply vs. Demand Supply (accom., food, transport., etc.)
Demand (the Tourist’s desire)

11 When are we Tourists? Time Distance Purpose 24 hours = accommodations
Day tripper or Excursionist? Distance 50 miles? 100 miles? Purpose Business or Pleasure?

12 ONE Definition of a Tourist
“A tourist is one who travels away from home for a distance of at least 50 miles (one way) for business, pleasure, personal affairs, or any other purpose except to commute to work, whether for an overnight stay or return the same day.” (Nat’l Tourism Resources Review Commission)

13 Phases of Tourism Anticipation & Planning Travel to the Site
The on-site Experience Return Travel Recollection

14 Tourism’s Impact on Community
Energy Use (Water & Power) Urban Revitalization Environmental Quality Economic Growth Trade Deficits (cars for tourists) Full Employment Quality of Life

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