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Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODTC) Pilot.

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1 Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODTC) Pilot

2 The AOD Court Treatment Provider Network

3 The treatment provider network (1) O Joint approach between treatment providers O Odyssey House: contract management & Case Management/ bed options O Salvation Army: Peer Support/ Beds & Community based options

4 O Higher Ground: pre admission support, residential beds & continuing care O Focus on ‘packages’ of flexible client centred responses O Ability to access existing funded services The treatment provider network (2)


6 Network STRENGTHS O Experience in delivering AOD services both in Auckland and nationally O Pre-existing relationships justice O Collaboration O Consumer focus O Evidence based practice

7 Network STRENGTHS O Continuing care O Flexibility O Contract management experience O Innovative O Support from CADS

8 HOW WE WORK TOGETHER O Role of the Management Group - Contract oversight CEO/Director level - Over seeing the Statement of Intent - Resolving issues/disputes O Role of the Steering Group - Oversight and guidance to the clinical workings O Day to day management via the project manager

9 AOD Court Treatment Provider Network Suite of complementary intensive AOD treatment options Partnerships with critical complementary AOD treatment and adjunctive service providers Co-located case mgmt/ peer support Multiple service sites to support accessibility Extensive internal/ external service networks: comprehensive range of adjunctive services Experience in effective use of peer support/case management Steering group management including Maori/Pacific /Consumer reps Cultural competence Commitment and willingness to work collaboratively with the MOH to drive positive outcomes Collaboration of experienced providers with established relationships

10 PROGRESS TO DATE O Staff appointed O Project Manager O Case Managers O Peer Support O TSA Day programme O Orientation completed O Partnership agreements in place O AODTC opened 1November 2012 O First participants accepted 8 November O 72 to date

11 Challenges O No lead in time O Understanding role function and scope O Interface between Health and Justice O High Risk/High Needs participants O 85% Participants need residential O Need for transitional programme

12 Role of Case Manager O Case Manager = facilitator & communicator Treatment Plan Detox Out-patient counselling Support Groups (12-step) Residential treatment Exit planning with continuing care

13 Role of Case Manager O Case Manager = facilitator & communicator Needs Assessment Co-existing issues, Health issues Anger management, Employment related skills/ training requirements, Cultural interventions

14 Role of Peer Support Worker O Peer Support Worker recovery- focussed practical assistance Hope, sharing of stories and life experience Linking to services and supports Preparation for treatment Encouraging engagement

15 Role of Peer Support Worker Support to prevent relapse Peer support at individual or group level During, after & waiting to get into treatment

16 Doing drugs and doing crime Was always a favourite pastime Doing the drugs was always fun It was the detox part that wasn’t the one Now in alcohol and drug court I’m finally getting some support I’m finding out that I’m capable of living drug free I’m exploring real issues and discovering the real me I’m moving on from the monster I used to be I’m now discovering my inner beauty In my future I see myself in a better place A life of happiness without any disgrace A responsible mother to my son A beautiful daughter to my mum A published book to share my life’s story To anyone who wants to hear A person who hasn’t got a habit Without detox to fear Thank you so much for all the support

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