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11 March 2010 Komang, Iman, Anton, Imung dan Edy.

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1 11 March 2010 Komang, Iman, Anton, Imung dan Edy

2 What is is a website that promotes citizen journalism in Utrecht Province, the Netherlands citizen journalism Its a unit of RTV, established on April 2006 In the beginning, they put 10.000 euro to prepare the website They put 20.000 euro extra to improve the website

3 Why citizen journalism? Province Utrecht has 1,1 milion inhabitants Province Utrecht But RTV only has 50 journalist They think its a good idea to promote citizen journalism, to better cover places and events that they cant reach

4 Organization Its a non profit and commercial website. No adds!! Only two editors in charge The editors work 24 hours/day to monitor the citizens posting, but they can do it from their mobile phone Editor only moderate comments, postings, and verify and confirm certain stories. Editors can remove postings that violate the rules.

5 Mechanism Contributors have to register to the website if they want to post news, pictures and videos, Unieuws has 6.000 members but only 100 blogs regularly Bloggers can post anytime, theres no regular updatess or deadlines. Basic guideline: no commercial postings, ads, pornography and racism.

6 Procedure Unieuws only provide platform for bloggers to upload any kind information. If a blogger breaks the rule three times, editor can ban their IP address. each users identity has a link to facebook and twitter. So, it is very difficult for bloggers to fake their identity. Bloggers can upload story, picture and video using mobile phone

7 How to attract the citizen? You have to make them feel like at home ---- developing a sense of ownerships In the begining, they try to invite certain people to write, send picture and video. They also conduct training about citizen journalism. Now, they use RTV radio and tv to inform people about the website.

8 Impact If theres something newsworthy in, RTV will pick it and use it in the main RTV website. At one occation, the Major of Utrecht responds directly to a story.

9 The end

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