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How To Develop Christian Character in Adults Young Professional Adult: Age 25-35.

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2 How To Develop Christian Character in Adults

3 Young Professional Adult: Age 25-35

4 Biblical References Come, follow me, Jesus said, and I will make you fishers of men. (Matthew 4:19)

5 Again Jesus said …The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest seed you plant in the ground. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds of the air can perch in its shade. (Mark 4:31~32)

6 Christian Character Formation as the result of Spiritual Growth Spiritual Growth Physical Moral (Moral Values) Social (Relation- ships) Affective Heart) Cognitive (Mind)

7 Stages of Development By Erik Erikson Stage Age Crisis Virtues to be attained 1 0-1 years Trust VS Mistrust HOPE 22-3 yrsAutonomy VS Shame & Doubt WILL 34-6 yrsInitiation VS Guilt PURPOSE 47-12 yrsIndustry VS Inferiority COMPETENCE 513-19 yrsIdentity VS Role Confusion FIDELITY 620-34 yrs (Young Professional Age) Intimacy VS Isolation LOVE 735-65 yrsGenerativity VS Stagnation CARE 865 +Integrity VS Despair WISDOM

8 Biblical References LOVE John 13:34~35 1 Corinthians 13:13 Galatians 5:22~25 1 Corinthians 3:6~9

9 Adults learning is more effective when……. new learning builds on the learners background of experience. learning activities are in keeping with the maturity level of the learner. learning activities involve more than one of the senses. the learner takes part in a variety of activities. learning is reinforced shortly after the initial learning experience.

10 Adults learning is more effective when……. 6)learning is accompanied by a satisfying state of affairs. 7)the learner responds in an active way. 8)the learner helps determine the purpose. 9)the learner repeats in some way what is learned. 10)the learner relates to life situations what has been learned.

11 Adults learning is more effective when……. 11)the learner is allowed to progress at a personal rate. 12)the learner begins with the simple aspect of a problem and progresses gradually toward aspects or problems that are more complex. 13)the learner receives immediate knowledge of results. 14)the learner shares in the leadership of the group. 15)the learner feels accepted and free to take part in an atmosphere of security and belonging.

12 Adults learning is more effective when……. 16)the issue at hand is urgent. 17)the learners readiness to learn is met by the teachers readiness to teach. 18)both teacher and learner recognize the need for divine assistance in learning. 19)the learning materials are characterized by good arrangement. 20)the learner feels that what is learned is worthwhile.

13 Adults learning is more effective when……. 21)the learning task and activities fall within the learners range of challenge. 22)concepts are presented in numerous and varied specific situations. 23)tests and the goals and objectives are compatible. 24)the group is the right size. 25)group members work toward a common goal.

14 Adults learning is more effective when……. 26)the learner sees an advance organizer. 27)the learner has pleasant emotional experiences in the learning experience. 28)the learner participates in group experiences. 29)the learner gains information about a subject. 30)the learner uses his or her own approach to problem solving.

15 Biblical References FORMATION & BUILDING Galatians 4:19 Colossians 3:16~17 Ephesians 4:11~17

16 What should we do, as the church, to help them grow and mature? Christian Training Developmental tasks Character Formation & Spiritual Growth

17 Christian Training Worship & Praise

18 Bible Study

19 Prayer & Devotions

20 Christian Stewardship Of Giving

21 Maturity of Faith Christian Fellowship

22 Christian Living & Testimony

23 Christian Attitudes & Service

24 Charles A. Tidwell, The Educational Ministry of A Church: A Comprehensive Model for Students and Ministers, Revised & Expanded, 1996. Bruce P. Powers, ed., Christian Education Handbook: A Revised & Completely Updated Edition, 1996. Daryl Eldridge, ed., The Teaching Ministry of the Church:Integrating Biblical Truth with Contemporary Application, 1995. *Above 3 books are all from Broadman & Holman Publishers, USA.

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