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Math Games to Build Skills and Thinking Cathy Carter Consultant

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1 Math Games to Build Skills and Thinking Cathy Carter Consultant

2 What is Computational Fluency? connection between conceptual understanding and computational proficiency (NCTM 2000, p. 35)

3 Conceptual Computational Understanding Proficiency Place value Operational properties Number relationships Accurate, efficient, flexible use of computation for multiple purposes

4 ...regular experience with meaningful procedures so students develop and draw on mathematical understanding even as they cultivate computational proficiency. Balance and connection of understanding and proficiency are essential, particularly for computation to be useful in comprehending problem-solving situations.

5 Benefits Should be central part of mathematics curriculum Engaging opportunities for practice Encourages strategic mathematical thinking Encourages efficiency in computation Develops familiarity with number system and compatible numbers (landmark) Provides home school connection

6 Wheres the Math? What mathematical ideas or understanding does this game promote? What mathematics is involved in effective strategies for playing this game? What numerical understanding is involved in scoring this game? How much of the game is luck or mathematical skill?

7 Games Require Reflection Games need to be seen as a learning experience

8 Wheres the Math? What is the goal of the game? Post this for students. Ask mathematical questions and have students write responses. Model the game first, along with mathematical thinking Encourage cooperation, not competition Share the game and mathematical goals with parents

9 Extensions Have students create rules or different versions of the games Require students to test out the games, explain and justify revisions based on fairness, mathematical reasoning

10 Pig Jeopardy Dice Game Why is it classified as a Jeopardy game?

11 Goals for Pig Practice mental math or paper/pencil addition (multiplication) Suggest and test strategies to win What math knowledge is helpful to come up with winning strategies?

12 Games websites mathgames/ m htm ematics/Mathematics.html

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