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Safe and Caring Schools By Susan Grinder

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1 Safe and Caring Schools By Susan Grinder
We are here to help…to help students be and feel safe…to add to parents’ teachings about how to have healthy relationships…

2 Opening Song Don't Laugh at Me By: Mark Wills

3 What is bullying? It is one-sided (bad behavior does not go back and forth) Involves a power imbalance (older against younger, group towards individual, popular versus less popular) Repetitive/ongoing Intention to hurt

4 Types of Bullying Physical (hitting, kicking, destroying property)
Verbal (name-calling, rumors, gossip, threats) Social (leaving someone out, mean texts, dirty looks)

5 Why do people bully? The bullies have problems; something is bothering them Someone has bullied them in the past Because they can! (No one reported the bad behavior) Poor choices were modeled by others They are unable to handle stress or anxiety To gain power Brainstorm other possible reasons with the class and add to this list. Feeling of compassion towards the person engaging in bullying behavior.

6 What role do you play? Are you a bully, target or bystander?
Bully: Intentionally and repeatedly hurting others Target: Being humiliated, hurt, left out (over and over) Passive bystander: Seeing bullying behavior and doing nothing to stop it Active bystander: Standing up for a person who is being treated badly Just because someone engages in bullying behavior…doesn't’t mean he/she is a bully…remember: ongoing, imbalance of power, intent to harm

7 What can we do? Try not to take it personally (stay calm)
Be kind, compassionate and polite Report the bad behavior Ask: “What’s wrong?” Use words to say: How we feel What we do not like Please stop What we will do to be safe

8 Role Plays Scenario: Someone has been refusing to let you play at recess (this has gone on many times) 1) When you ____________________________ 2) I feel ________________________________ 3) I need _______________________________ 4) If this doesn't’t stop, I will have to __________

9 Key Points We want to help ourselves, our friends, our community and the person engaging in bullying behavior By being silent, we help no one We can report to: parents, teachers, educational assistants, school counsellor, principal, vice principal, supervisors, bus drivers, etc. We can help ourselves by being assertive

10 Time for Reflection

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