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Introduction to Population p. 317 Class 3

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1 Introduction to Population p. 317 Class 3

2 Intro to Population Present World Population: 6.5 – 7.2 Billion People in the world China: ~ 1.3 – 1.4 Billion people India: ~ 1 – 1.5 Billion People Future of the World Population: Going to INCREASE! Why? People are “making babies;)” Birth rate is more than the death rate Possible Issues / Problems? Over population Live on a different planet..why? Age? Access to Resources?

3 World Population Growth
Why has population GROWN so much in the past years?? Reasons for large explosion of Human Population: Industrial Revolution (Growth of Technology = decline of death rate) Higher chance to survive BECAUSE living conditions/quality has improved/become better No restrictions on # of kids (for most places/long time) Policies about family planning…countries encouraged people to make babies! Technology to provide FOOD/Products (need more people..and can provide for more people) Medicine (cure illness/sickness/disease) Basically…we have made it harder to die than in the past~!

4 Demography “graphy” – The study of……something!
Demography: The study of….. Human Population The study of Mathematics / Social Studies / Physics What can we study ABOUT the Human Population? In the Human Population, we can focus/study: Control of Population Total # of people (in a country/city/school/world) Birth rate / Death rate (where are people dying/born, how old, etc) Gender (How many males:females) Nationalities/Ethnicities of people Patterns of population growth (timeline) Age of people!! Income Education

5 Why Study Demographics of a population?
Who cares about this stuff? Why?! Why is this useful? Governments/Countries/World Organizations care because…helps to predict (and PLAN) for the future!! Who: Parents? Governments…World Organizations (United Nations..?) Political Parties Why?: Political Views of people? Male/Female could influence the culture

6 The process of collecting demographic data is called….Census!
Census: The process of collecting human population information! Why…clearly see what we HAVE…and What we WILL have… Problems with collecting a Census?... Hard to count..why?: Migration! People move! Especially in areas without a clear address North Pole…Santa Claus lives.. Remote…in the countryside No man’s land…has no address Afghanistan/Africa/Syria/Natives who live in the jungle Developed/Developing?...Developing countries

7 Types of Migration Migration: The movement of an animal
Side Note: Study Strategy…Make the information make sense to you… Two Types: Immigration (I = IN): People go IN TO a country **How does Immigrants influence a country? What do they BRING WITH THEM?? Emigration (E = EXIT): People LEAVE a country! ** How do Emigrants influence a country? What do they leave with?? Leave Behind?

8 Influence of Immigrants/Emigrants to a Country
Bring habits/culture/traditions/values/beliefs (+/-) Man power/Labor force (+) Products/Likes Competition (for business/jobs) Most immigrants are young (energy, want to have babies, educated, talented, money…) Human Needs (Food, Water, Place to live…) (-)

9 Emmigrant: - “Brain Drain” – Take away their talent/brain from their hometown Technology/education/knowledge Human Needs (food, water, shelter) (+)

10 Homework: P. 317 “Making a Graph 13-1” Question a, b, c
P. 323 “Reading a Map 13-7” Questions # 1 – 3

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