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2 Education is a right Not a privilege

3 Misery Index Population of Pakistan
160,970,000 56% of Pakistani’s have never been to school =90,143,200 78% of the rural women haven’t seen =40,680,300 the inside of a school Pakistan Statistical Yearbook 2008 1998 Population Census of Pakistan

4 64,388,000 children in Pakistan need education
Pakistan Statistical Yearbook 2008 , 16.1 Population of Pakistan

5 4,000,000 children are added to the population annually
Pakistan Statistical Yearbook 2008 , 16.2 Population Birth Rate

6 the problem continues to grow…

7 Distressed by the dismal state of society in Pakistan in 1995, a group of concerned citizens ventured into the formation of a non-profit company

8 In August 1995, The Citizens Foundation was formed as a company Limited by Guarantee and registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan

9 Seeing too many small children in the streets of less privileged areas, the directors chose a formal schooling model for TCF

10 Which meant…

11 An Academic Block Primary School: 6 to 7 classrooms
Secondary School: 10 classrooms + labs

12 Spacious Classrooms

13 Art Rooms

14 Computer Labs (Secondary)

15 Science Laboratories (Secondary)

16 And Play Areas

17 From the first 5 schools in 1996, TCF has now progressed to…

18 From the first 5 schools in 1996 has progressed to
From the first 5 schools in 1996 has progressed to school units nationwide 92,000 students enrolled 50% female enrolment 5,000 all female teachers 7,000+ employment

19 Teacher Training Centres under construction in
Karachi & Mansehra

20 TCF Presence

21 TCF Growth

22 TCF Vision Removing barriers of class and privilege to ensure that the citizens of Pakistan may become agents of positive change

23 Creating opportunities to improve quality of life
TCF Mission To bring about an enduring positive change for communities with greatest need through:  The power of quality education, enabling moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment and Creating opportunities to improve quality of life

24 TCF Operations

25 Tuition Fee TCF has a subsidized monthly school fee*charged to students to instill value in education PKR 200 for primary schools On scholarship, as little as PKR 10 can be paid PKR 300 for secondary schools On scholarship, as little as PKR 20 can be paid *The actual operational costs incurred are PKR 950 per child per month

26 Operational costs comprise of:
Teacher salaries and training Door to door faculty transport Management expenses of the school Central monitoring and evaluation Curriculum planning School utilities Text books and uniforms

27 TCF Teachers

28 TCF Teachers TCF Teachers are well qualified, dedicated resources
All teachers go through a 120-hours pre-service and 80-hours annual developmental training All teachers are provided door-to-door transport via a school van

29 Faiza –Alumni and Teacher
Fehmida, born and educated in the extremely rural area of Turbat, Baluchistan, is an exemplary 23 year-old woman, who at this very young age has assumed the position of Principal of TCF Primary Schools in Gwadar. After her parents passed away, she took a decision to move to Gwadar-it wasn’t an easy decision but one that has strengthened her. Today she radiates the same strength and resolve which energizes everyone around her!

30 37 TCF students have returned to teach at TCF schools
Shumaila & Parveen 37 TCF students have returned to teach at TCF schools

31 Students who have now returned to teach at TCF Schools
TCF Awards 2007 Students who have now returned to teach at TCF Schools

32 TCF Students

33 TCF Matriculation Results
98% of students matriculated successfully 33 33

34 TCF Students are…. Confident

35 …Participants in Holistic Development
Only And o 35

36 …Scholarship Winners In this picture, Standard Charted CEO, Badar Kazmi, is handing a scholarship certificate to one of TCF post-matriculate students. A Placement Desk was established last year to provide guidance to student graduating from TCF Schools after matriculation. SCB is one the sponsors for higher education for our students The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and Standard Chartered Bank, the largest International bank in Pakistan, signed an agreement to support 600 post matriculate students by providing them scholarships until their graduation. The students who will be considered for financial support will be those who have secured grade ‘B' and above in Matriculation. According to this agreement Standard Chartered Bank will also donate 200 computers to TCF primary schools in addition to assisting TCF in organizing workshops for its faculty. SCB plans to sponsor twelve workshops in a year. Standard Chartered Bank Country Manager awarding scholarship to TCF student 1,000 scholarships available to TCF matriculates pursuing higher education with the help of Standard Chartered 36

37 …Achieving Dreams Durdana Rehman, enrolled in one of the leading medical colleges (Fatima Jinnah Medical College) in Lahore, Pakistan

38 …Achieving Dreams Saba Hameed, daughter of a maid and a farmer, secured third position in the Intermediate (grade XI) Exams in all of Lahore Board 2007

39 …Achieving Dreams Anum Fatima, daughter of the maid in her TCF school, is the new entrant to top business school IoBM in Karachi, successfully completed her first year

40 TCF’s Future Plan…..

41 How you can help… Schemes (2009-10) PKR $ Textbooks for one Classroom
10,000 120 Uniforms for one Classroom Support education for one child Support a child K.G to grade X 110,000 1,375 Support a Primary School 1,100,000 13,750 Support a Secondary School 1,900,000 23,750 Support a Classroom for ten years 2,500,000 31,000 Establish a TCF School Unit + 3 Year Support (10-11) 13,500,000 169,000 Add photographs after this * Detailed proposal will be provided on request

42 Visit us


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