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AP exchange to CMS or Hosted 2

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1 AP exchange to CMS or Hosted 2

2 AP exchange admin
Username: Password: AP Exchange Password - New account = ID: PW: ap116

3 AP exchange: Create, manage searches
Search tools cheat sheet | subject search overview | subject names list | product ids | industry codes | - slug!=brief* AND subjectname="animated films" AND category!=v AND productid="30598" AND slug!=list* AND slug!=BC-EU* - Search within results check box - Advanced search and Preview - Sometimes Keyword works better; also, try gradually building your search. 2. Save, Share and Output Search - AP WebFeeds check box - Select RSS icon, log in and save URL

4 WordPress,Vuvox integration
Add feed to WP plugin AP feed reader Settings->AP feed reader plugin - URL | file name| title| - add &fullcontent=true - delete &maxItems=100&minDateTime=&maxDateTime= TV Feed| Add campaign to WP-o-Matic in Pulse Admin/time2change Settings  WP-o-Matic Add campaign Feed URL: yourfilenamehere.xml Select subcategory/author for feed Add RSS to Vuvox Add feed to MHE for authentication feeds/pbpulse/vuvox_feeds.txt on MHE Add RSS to Vuvox express yourfilenamehere.xml Embed

5 AP Hosted 2 admin
Username: Password: vision

6 AP Hosted 2: Branding, Data and Modules
Site branding (Pulse, Post, Mom’s) Create Data Source (pull from Exchange) Create module or section -Customize (specific or global instances) -Add branding -Embed module or get URL -

7 Teamsite integration Embed Hosted 2 module Embed Vuvox

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