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Registration for Gr. 12 One more year, baby!. Registration booklet Registration Form Pen or pencil.

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1 Registration for Gr. 12 One more year, baby!

2 Registration booklet Registration Form Pen or pencil

3  A minimum of 24 credits are required to be completed in the province of Saskatchewan in order to be eligible to graduate.  Among the 24 are selected compulsory (required) courses and electives (classes you choose to take).

4  Taking the minimum 24 credits may allow you to graduate, but does not ensure you will meet the requirements for post-secondary (university, technical schools, etc) programs.

5  Each class you pass earns you 1 (one) credit toward the 24 you need as a minimum to graduate.  During the year, a student at SHHS can earn 10 credits. If you are part of Band, High Performance, or other specialty classes, you may be able to earn more.

6  At Sacred Heart, Grade 12 students are not required to take a full course load, but a minimum of 8 credits should be completed.  Students in Gr. 12 must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 credits to be eligible for recommends & Semester 1 Honor Roll.

7  Credits recognized at the Grade 10 level end in “10”. Credits recognized at the Grade 11 level end in “20”, and credits recognized at the Grade 12 level end in “30” Eg. Christian Ethics 10 = Gr. 10 Christian Ethics 20 = Gr. 11 Christian Ethics 30 = Gr. 12

8  Credits that end in the number “1” recognize a modified program of study (eg. Math 11)  Credits that end in the number “8” recognize an alternate program of study (eg. Math 18)  Modified and alternate courses allow students to graduate, but will limit some post-secondary options.

9  Approval from SHHS administration, guidance department, and consultation with families must be completed before a student will be registered in a Modified or Alternative class.

10  A “prerequisite” is a course you are required to successfully complete before you can take another course.  Eg. Science 10 is the prerequisite for taking Biology 20, Chemistry 20, Physics 20, Computer Science 20.

11  In Grade 12 at SHHS, the following classes are required: ◦ Christian Ethics 30 or Education Chretienne 30  As part of our Christian Ethics courses, a Service component is required.

12  Note that in order to be eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremonies at Sacred Heart High School, a student must have successfully completed a Christian Ethics course for each year they have attended SHHS.

13  In Grade 12 at SHHS, the following classes are required: ◦ English A30 ◦ English B30 Note: It does not matter what semester a student completes the 2 English Credits.

14 Gr. 10Gr. 11Gr. 12 Eng B10 Eng 20 Eng A30 Eng B30 Eng A10

15  French Immersion students (who are not registered in Pre- Advanced Placement Language Arts) are required to take ONE of English A30 OR English B30 AND Francais 30.

16  Canadian Studies 30 is a required course of study.  This Canadian History course MUST be successfully completed in order to graduate.  Students in the French Immersion program are required to take the Sciences socials immersion 30 credit.

17  Students must complete A MINIMUM OF ONE of the following Social Science options: ◦ History 20 ◦ Native Studies 20 ◦ Law 30 ◦ Psychology 30  French Immersion students are required to take Sciences socials immersion 20

18  In order to graduate currently, students must complete both a 10-level and a 20-level Math as a minimum.  Be aware that many post-secondary programs require at least one 30-level Math.



21  Students who require a 20-level math credit will select from: ◦ Foundations of Math 20 ◦ Pre-Calculus 20 ◦ Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 20 Note: Math 10 OR the corresponding Gr. 10 Math course is the pre-requisite for any of the above. Eg. WA10 is the pre-requisite for WA 20 FMPC 10 is the pre-requisite for BOTH FM 20 AND PC 20

22  2011-2012 was the final year the following 30-level math courses were offered: ◦ Math A30 ◦ Math B30 ◦ Math C30

23 Math Pre-AP Gr. 10 FMPC 10AP 1 Of: WA 10 OR FM 20 Gr. 11 PC 20AP PC 30AP Gr. 12 Calculus 30 AP Calculus AP Prep

24  For students enrolled in Pre-AP Math, you should register for: ◦ Calculus 30AP AND ◦ Calculus AP Prep

25  Science Requirement ◦ A minimum of ONE of the following credits is required to graduate:  Biology 20 OR 30  Chemistry 20  Physics 20 OR 30  Computer Science 20

26  Biology 20 is not a prerequisite for Biology 30, but is is highly recommended.  Chemistry 20 is the prerequisite for Chemistry 30

27  Physics 20 OR any of the “new” Math 20 credits OR Math A30 is required for taking Physics 30  Computer Science 20 is the prerequisite for Computer Science 30

28  Note that most universities and more and more technical schools require at least one 30-level Science credit (generally in the 70%+ grade range), depending on the program).

29  Wellness 10 / Phys Ed 20 / 30 ◦ To graduate in the province of Saskatchewan, students MUST complete Wellness 10 or Phys Ed 20 or 30.

30  RANK (ie. 1 = first preference ) your electives.

31  Beyond the 10 credits available in the regular day, you may select Band as an early morning option.  If you wish to apply for Rock Band and /or High Performance, select those credits at the bottom of the page.

32  If you wish to apply for courses offered at YRHS, please note that at the bottom of your registration form.  Note that these courses are offered on a first come, first served basis; there are limited seats available; a priority is made on students completing compulsory courses before electives.

33  Later this week, you will be called to one of the computer labs to enter your selections online.  You will need your Maplewood password information to do so.  Once you have entered your requests, print the confirmation form and have your parents sign the approval.

34  Be sure you have completed all Gr. 10 and Gr. 11 compulsory credits.  If you are unsure of your total number of credits, or have questions, book an appointment with Mrs. Shearer, Mr. Senger, or me ASAP!

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