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Back to School Night Ms. Farmer Room 216 6 th Grade LA pre-AP.

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2 Back to School Night Ms. Farmer Room 216 6 th Grade LA pre-AP

3 My Website

4 Classroom Expectations and Information You can access the classroom expectations handout that every student received the first day of classes on my website. It has a lot of good information!

5 Reading Log The reading log can be found and printed from my website under Resources. Each student must read 400 pages every nine weeks and turn their log in on the required day (see handout). This nine weeks we are working with the genre wheel in order to broaden their reading. Each student is required to turn in six questions with their Reading Log.

6 Required Reading We are currently reading Grimms Fairy Tales. Every student should have their own copy to annotate and highlight. This ISB number is on my website. Students have been working on 3 levels of reading and story plot with Cinderella.

7 Tutoring I am available by appointment. Please encourage your child to ask for help; I am happy to stay after school with him/her. Late Bus –picks up at 4:35 Library hours –8:00 – 4:30 –Not open on Tuesday mornings

8 Fairy Tale Project Please see handout with information and rubric Due Dates: –November 13 – assign –November 20 – Story Map due –December 2 – Rough Draft of story due –December 4 – Illustrations due –December 11 – Final product due

9 Homework Homework is a completion grade. Each homework assignment counts 5 points on their overall homework grade. We give one HW grade per nine- weeks. Every student starts with a 100 and 5 points are deducted each time they do not have their homework.

10 Vocabulary New vocabulary books on desks We are currently working through Lesson 5 – Lesson 8. The revised vocabulary calendar is on my website and located on the back board.

11 Absences and Make-up work Remind your child to ask for make-up work when returning from an absence. Tests/Quizzes will be made up before or after school, or during activity (for quizzes only) Encourage your child to email me when they are absent, so I can be sure to get their work to them. I also post most assignments on my website, when possible, and would be happy to email it if necessary.

12 Supplies Please help your child be successful by keeping them in supply of sticky notes, loose leaf paper, and a pen. We use these often!

13 Technology Make sure your child knows how to get to my website, send me an email, print, and save. These basic skills will help them be able to communicate with me and with their writing assignments. Vista anyone? –Make sure you save as a.doc!

14 Encourage Sharing! We encourage you to ask your child what he/she learned in class. It is always fun when kids tell me they shared their writing with you.

15 Thank You! Overall, please encourage your child to be proactive in his/her education! We are here to help. Our goal is to create a positive learning environment for your child to grow in. Please contact me by email or phone with any questions you might still have. –713-365-5400 ext.3214 –

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