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Transgender WISE 2P90 Amber Pfohl.

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1 Transgender WISE 2P90 Amber Pfohl

2 WHAT IS TRANSGENDER? Transgender is: A broad term describing a person’s gender identity which does not necessarily match his/her assigned gender at birth; they perceive themselves and identify themselves as belonging to a different sex and feel the need to live that way

3 Stereotypes of transgender
People associate transgender with cross dressers and transsexuals. A man who desires to wear women’s clothing and makeup. Transgenderists are commonly named: cross dresser, drag queen or king, gender queer, gender blender, two-spirit, and androgynies'.

4 Transgender Terms Transsexual: A person who has surgically changed their physical sex or someone who is making that transition through medical treatment. Transvestite(Cross dresser): Someone who dresses in clothing that society thinks is appropriate for the opposite sex; as a result of exploring their gender identity Androgyny: Having both feminine and masculine traits Some people who are transgendered do not conform to male and female gender identities; they consider themselves as Gender Fluid Gender fluid: Is the thought of being both man and woman or neither man or woman.

5 People who are Transgender live as though they are the opposite sex.
Not all people who are transgendered are interested in genital reassignment surgery. Transgenders are interested in obtaining hormones and cosmetic surgery to physically represent their inner identities.

6 What is the cause of Transgenderism?
It is believed that a person who feels they of the gender opposite to their sex is due to a birth defect, although this has never been proven Research is currently studying social, biological and psychological factors of transgender.

7 Social construction of Transgender
Social binary between what it is to be a woman or a man. Anyone outside the gender binary are oppressed Gender is a social construction We are socialized from a young age to understand the meaning of having a male and female body Stems from associating Blue with boys and Pink with girls.

8 Social construction of Transgender
Society is not yet ready to accept genders that are not Male/female Social institutions play a large role in oppressing people who are transgendered. Transgendered senior can't be king

9 Helping Families With The Transition
is a company that helps prepare for the transition that families undergo while members experience feelings of being the opposite gender of their sex and pre and post gentile reconstruction surgeries; transitioning to opposite sex

10 What MIT Offers Workshops: accessible sessions or workshops on transegender Event speakers: Organizes speakers to speak to people about transgender issues Information about transgender

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