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Unit 2 Wish you were there

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1 Unit 2 Wish you were there
Welcome to the unit

2 Brainstorming 1. Do you like traveling? Where would
you like to visit ? 2. Why do you want to travel? 3. Why do more and more people like to travel, even traveling abroad?

3 the Great Wall

4 beach waterfall


6 the Eiffel Tower

7 Sydney Opera House

8 the Taj Mahal the Statue of Liberty the Acropolis

9 the Pyramids and Sphinx
Windmill London Bridge

10 England China Greece Australia America France Holland India Egypt Sydney Opera House London Bridge the Statue of Liberty the Pyramid and Sphinx the Eiffel Tower the Great Wall the Taj Mahal the Windmill the Acropolis

11 People travel for different purposes:
enjoy the beauty of nature learn about the outside world get excitement or relax oneself do some research study wildlife or plants be interested in delicious food do business or make friends…

12 Where do people often travel?
1. famous places of interest in China; 2. foreign countries; 3. cultural and historic sights; 4. theme parks like Disneyland; 5. peaceful countryside; 6. modern cities; the bottom of the sea

13 What do people need do before traveling?
decide where to go and make a travel plan work out the traveling expenses learn something about their destination so that they can enjoy themselves better there

14 What items should we take?
1. backpack 2. towel 3. compass 4. water purifying tablets 5. book 6. first-aid kit

15 7. pocket knife 8. candles 9. flashlight 10. food 11. waterproof matches 12. camera 13. map

16 Look at the pictures on page 21.
1. How much do you know about these places? 2. Have you ever visited there? 3. If not, have you ever thought of visiting there one day?

17 Australia’s famous beaches
Grasslands of Africa

18 Gobi Desert Brazilian rainforest

19 Africa Africa is a continent rich in natural resources. Africa

20 The grasslands of Africa are home to various animals.
Lions are the only cats that live in large family groups.

21 Elephants usually live in groups that
consist of 8 to 15 related members.

22 Zebras, with a horse-like appearance, have wide black-and-white stripes all over their bodies.

23 Giraffes in Africa can grow to a
height of over 17 feet.

24 Africa Africa is a continent rich in natural resources, such as oil, gold, diamonds and countless other minerals. A large variety of animals like …live in this mysterious and wild land.

25 Being the second largest continent on the Earth, it contains more countries than any other continent. Each has unique customs and natural attractions.

26 Australia

27 Australia’s Gold Coast is famous for its attractive beaches
Australia’s Gold Coast is famous for its attractive beaches. With 70 kilometres of coastline, Gold Coast beaches have fun for people. Every year the Gold Coast attracts visitors from all over the world to sit back, relax, experience the fun and taste the excitement of Australia’s most popular holiday playground.

28 the beautiful undersea world

29 surfing

30 Koala

31 Kangaroo Platypus Emu

32 Dangers on the beach dangerous ocean animals, iceberg/ boat sinking,
terrible weather, drowning, losing the direction on the sea…

33 Brazil

34 Rainforest in Brazil The Amazon rainforest extends for 4 million square kilometres and is home to hundreds of thousands of animal and plant species. Although it covers only 3.5% of the overall Earth’s surface, it is home to around 50% of the world’s living species, many of which are still unknown to humans. It is full of mysteries.

35 Dangers in the forest wild animals (tigers, lions, crocodile);
harmful plants ( man-eating flowers); forest fire; getting lost…

36 Desert

37 The Gobi Desert is a huge area of desert covering nearly 1
The Gobi Desert is a huge area of desert covering nearly 1.3 million sq km. The area is often imagined as a lifeless desert like in many other parts of the world but the reality is quite the opposite.

38 Dangers in the desert Gobi animals, terrible weather, water shortage,
getting lost, strong sunlight…

39 Discussion 1. Which of these places would you like to visit most? Why?
2. What is the most exciting and amazing place you have ever been to? 3. Can you think of any other exciting places to visit? What are they?

40 Work in pairs. Ask each other as many questions as possible about his/her traveling experiences. You can use the sentences in next page.

41 Useful expressions What do you think of the city?
How do you find the city? Are there any places of historic interest to see in this city? What is the city famous for?

42 Language notes excite 1)__________ (n. 激动) 2)_________ (adj. 令人感到激动的)
excitement exciting excited

43 amaze 1) _______ (adj. 令人感到惊奇的)
amazing amazed adventure 1)____________ (adj. 冒险的) 2)_______________ (探险旅游) adventurous adventure travel

44 experience n. [U] 经验,从经验中获得的知识和技能 n. [C] 经历 vt.体验,经历 experienced adj. 有经验的,经验丰富的

45 针对训练 (1) 他教英语有很多经验,大家都喜爱他。
He have had so much ____________in teaching English that every one likes him. experience

46 (2) 那次车祸对他来说是一次可怕的经历, 他永不忘记。 The car accident was __ terrible ______________ to him, which he would never forget. a experience

47 (3) 你体验过真正饥饿的滋味吗? Have you ever ___________real hunger? (4) 这种工作需要有经验的人。 This work calls for an __________ man. experienced experienced

48 Homework Find more information about places in the world and traveling. Preview the reading text.

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