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Computer IRA Welcome back, students!.

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1 Computer IRA Welcome back, students!

2 Who Am I? Mrs. Lynch Mr. Hirashiki or Mr. “H” Computer Teacher
3rd year at SLES Going into my 8th year Love learning new things & teaching Mr. Hirashiki or Mr. “H” Balloon master Magician Big help in computer lab & at school

3 Salt Lake Elementary Computer Lab Rules
No food or drinks in the computer lab Students must have clean hands Beware of cables and wires Walk at all times Access your files only Practice and apply the TRIBES Agreements Try your best and don’t give up Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself Change tasks quietly and quickly

4 TRIBES Attentive Listening Mutual Respect Golden Rule: Right to Pass
Listen silently with full attention Mutual Respect Recognize that each person is special Golden Rule: "Do to others as you would have them do to you." Right to Pass Practice volunteerism Appreciation/No Put Downs Avoid negative and hurtful behaviors

5 Choices: Good and Bad If you choose to make a bad choice and break a rule… 1st Warning (Yellow Card): Your name is notated in your grades and your teacher is alerted 2nd Warning (Red Card): You will be dismissed from our Computer lab activities, your behavior will be reported to your teacher and notated in your grades

6 Computer Lab Use Recess:
Practice typing or to catch up with your work Always ask permission from Mrs. Lynch NO GAME TIME Students are NOT allowed in the Computer Lab after school unless: NO A+ students Permission granted by Mr. Abe You have a Teacher’s note explaining your purpose of using a computer after school You have a Research assignment from your homeroom teacher You have a Computer Lab assignment from Mrs. Lynch

7 Emergency Procedures Fire Evacuation Plan Emergency Evacuation Plan
Push chairs in Walk One line Attentive No talking Leave computer lab, walk towards parking lot Emergency Evacuation Plan Notified via intercom (Attention teacher, please evacuate your students to the district park gym) Leave computer lab door open Bomb Evacuation Plan Notified via intercom Remain in our classes until further notice Wait for ALL CLEAR

8 Procedures in Computer Lab
Bathroom Health Room Lunch

9 GLO 6: Effective and Ethical User of Technology
The ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically GLO 6.1: Uses a variety of technologies in producing an idea or a product GLO 6.2: Uses a variety of technologies to access and manage information and to generate new information GLO 6.3: Understands the impact of technologies on individuals, family, society, and the environment* GLO 6.4: Uses the appropriate technologies for communication, collaboration, research, creativity, and problem solving GLO 6.5: Understands and respects legal and ethical issues

10 5th Grade Curriculum Map
I Can Statements for Grade 5 1st Quarter: MS Office 2nd Quarter: MS Excel & Internet Searches 3rd Quarter: MS PPT 4th Quarter: Culminating Activity

11 The six General Learner Outcomes are the essential goals of standards-based learning for students in all grade levels. Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 C U S R GLO 1: Self-Directed Learner The ability to be responsible for one’s own learning GLO 2: Community Contributor The understanding that it is essential for human beings to work together GLO 3: Complex Thinker The ability to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving strategies GLO 4: Quality Producer The ability to recognize and produce quality performance and quality products GLO 5: Effective Communicator The ability to communicate effectively GLO 6: Effective and Ethical User of Technology The ability to use a variety of technologies effectively and ethically

12 Homework Policy & In Class Assignments
Not done? Finish it during recess or afterschool All assignments will be saved Z://Student Data Server/Student Data/Computer IRA Classes/Grade 6 Homework Have time until next IRA day

13 Today’s Goals Pre-Assessment Extra time
All the Right Type Test: Skill Building (15 WPM) From now on, responsible for recording Extra time I can use word processors to do a variety of written works, such as letters, reports, poems, and stories. MS WORD Revisit Question: Do you know the format for a letter? Friendly letter Business letter

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