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Twenty Minute Tune Up:Time Management

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1 Twenty Minute Tune Up:Time Management
Centre for Student Success “Twenty Minute Tune-ups” TIME MANAGEMENT From “Becoming a Master Student” Canadian Edition, David Ellis 1995, Houghton Mifflin Company Centre For Student Success

2 Presentation Outline The “Student Zone” Procrastination
7-Day Procrastination Plan Time Effective Strategies Time Management Recap

3 Welcome to the STUDENT ZONE
How to be an Effective Student Work Your “A’s” Off (prioritizing) Successful Students “P” Around

4 Being an Effective Student
SIT UP AND BE INVOLVED Attend Be Punctual Review Location BRING THE TOOLS FOR THE JOB! Place everyday items in a zippered pouch in your binder for easy access “A place for everything and everything in its place”

5 Work Your “A’s” Off (Prioritize)
Keep a “to-do” list everyday Brainstorm tasks Estimate time Rate each task by priority Cross off completed tasks

6 Successful Students “P” Around
Twenty Minute Tune Up:Time Management Successful Students “P” Around Prompt Prepared Polite and Positive Participants Productive Problem Solver Centre For Student Success

7 Procrastination Too challenging
Not enough knowledge or fear of failure Not enough time Distractions Too many projects on the go Feeling guilty I should’a

8 7-Day Anti-Procrastination Plan
Monday ☺ Make it meaningful Tuesday ☺ Take it apart Wednesday ☺ Write an intention statement Thursday ☺ Tell everyone Friday ☺ Find a reward Saturday ☺ Settle it now Sunday ☺Say NO

9 Plan Your TIME & TIME Your Plan
Twenty Minute Tune Up:Time Management Plan Your TIME & TIME Your Plan TIME is the coin of our lives. It is the only coin we have and only we can determine how we will spend it. We each get 168 hours to spend each week NO MORE, NO LESS! Approach TIME as if you are in control Don’t let TIME control you! Centre For Student Success

10 Effective Strategies Using a Planner How to Plan Your Time
Getting the Most Out of NOW Questions to Ask Ourselves Time to Organize

11 Using a Planner Schedule important life events Schedule “Fun”
Schedule important academic dates Work backwards from due dates Keep it in sight!

12 How to Plan Your Time Schedule fixed blocks of time first
Include time for errands Schedule time for fun Set realistic goals Allow flexibility in your schedule

13 How to Plan Your Time Study two hours for every hour in class
Avoid scheduling marathon study sessions Set clear starting and stopping times Plan for the unplanned

14 Getting the Most Out of NOW
We can become more effective at all our activities by choosing where to focus our attention. STRATEGIES: Study difficult (or “boring”) subjects first Be aware of your best time of day Use waiting time Use a regular study area

15 Getting the Most Out of NOW
Study where you’ll be alert Use a library Pay attention to your attention Agree with living mates about study/quiet times Get off the phone

16 Getting the Most Out of NOW
Learn to say NO Hang a “Do NOT Disturb” sign on your door Get ready the night before Call Ahead Avoid noise distractions Notice how others misuse your time

17 Questions to Ask Ourselves
What is one task I can accomplish toward my goal? Am I being too hard on myself? Is this a piano? Would I pay myself for what I’m doing right now? Can I do just one more thing?

18 Questions to Ask Ourselves
Am I making time for things that are important but not urgent? Can I delegate this? How did I just waste time? Could I find the time if I really wanted to? Am I willing to promise it?

19 Twenty Minute Tune Up:Time Management
Time to Organize Get It Together Record It Of Course Work Backwards Centre For Student Success

20 Twenty Minute Tune Up:Time Management
Time Management Recap Plan Your Time and Time Your Plan 7-Day Anti Procrastination Plan Use a Planner Be Here NOW Organize YOUR Time LIFE MATTERS! FUN MATTERS!! IN SIGHT, IN MIND!! Centre For Student Success

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