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1 CS 446 – Tutorial 6 Frid. Nov. 6 th, 2009 Implementation Tutorial.

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1 1 CS 446 – Tutorial 6 Frid. Nov. 6 th, 2009 Implementation Tutorial

2 Deliverable 10 pages Report.  Not including source code or test scripts. Due Tuesday Nov. 24 th in class. Email me a copy, and bring a copy to class on Tuesday. 2

3 3 Goals This document describes the implementation of your system.  Explains how to run your system…  The structure of your files…  How to add new features…  Any changes from the design document…  Comparison between estimated and actual time/effort.

4 4 Title Page Title  Name of your system Group Members  Names, Student Ids Group Number Date Submitted Assignment Number/Title

5 5 Abstract/Executive Summary About ½ a page highlighting the key points of the report Should describe what the project is about, and what this document will present.  Couple of sentences about the purpose of your system (functionality wise).  Couple of sentences about the architecture and design of your system (general architecture style, language of implementation, and technologies used).  Purpose of this document (Documents the implementation of the system, explains file structure, code structure, how to add functionality etc.) Try to keep the abstract short and to the point.

6 6 Introduction and Overview Introduce your system  Say what it does (clear and concise description).  General architectural style.  Technologies used.  Difficulties faced.  Summary of changes from previous design. Give an Overview of what is in your report  Highlight the headings of your report  Give the key focus of each heading and explain the breakup into subheadings  Do not exceed a sentence or two description about each section in your report.

7 7 Revisions of Architecture & Design Variances between implementation and your specified design in the design document. Were there any changes in the architecture? Difficulties faced during implementation?

8 8 Status of Project What was accomplished? Anything not done? Anything requiring future attention? Any areas where future enhancements are expected? Example of expected future change/enhancement to your system. Explain how difficult you expect future changes to be (what will they impact)?

9 9 Build and Installation Guide How is your system compiled, installed, and deployed? Please provide clear instructions as to how someone can install and run your system for testing.

10 10 Demonstration of System How will you demo your system in Assignment 5?  Major use cases that will be shown.  Equipment needed?

11 Testing Describe your testing techniques. Tabulate the results of running your tests. 11

12 Testing Cont’d In an appendix, give actual test programs or scripts (if you have any). Describe the coverage of your tests:  What modules/classes/functionalities were tested? How can your tests be used in testing of future versions of your system? (are they reusable) 12

13 Task/Time log Refer to the time estimates from your Architecture document, and compare estimated and actual times in the form of a table.  Indicate any changes to the person implementing each part too. 13

14 Directory/File Structure Give a short clear description of how your code and your documentation is stored in the files and directories.  Maybe a table?  Tree structure? 14

15 Recommendations for future projects Give constructive suggestions for how the project might be done differently for future versions of this course to improve the learning experience. 15

16 16 Remember.. Write clearly  Your writing style does affect your grade. Label and reference any diagrams or tables. Stick to the page limit.

17 17 Next week… No tutorial next week  Email me if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. Next tutorial (on final demos and presentations) is on Friday Nov. 20 th

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