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Progressive Leadership Training Winning Down Ballot.

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1 Progressive Leadership Training Winning Down Ballot

2 The Elements of a Winning State/Local Campaign

3 Are you the right person? Do you know your core values? Can you articulate them? Do you really want this? Are you willing to do what it will take to win? Will you serve well if you win? 1. Make the Right Decision

4 A. Conduct a Personal Assessment Questions that you should ask yourself? Who am I? Why do I want to run? What experiences do I bring? What stories can I tell? What are my strengths and weaknesses? Am I prepared? Is my family prepared? Know yourself: Do research! If you can find it on Google, so too can your opponent!

5 B. Conduct a Political Assessment Is this the right time? Is this the right office? Know the District boundaries Know the data: recent election results, population trends, voter registration numbers, voter turnout, past spending Key issues that matter to voters Influential players Current political environment

6 Create a written campaign plan A written road map for how to win Provides early vetting of strategies Saves time later Maintains focus on winning Professionals believe in your campaign 2. Plan for Your State/Local Campaign

7 Rules of Campaign Planning Rule 1: Time, people, money are your most valuable resources; use them wisely. Rule 2: Things always take longer and cost more than you expect. Rule 3: A good plan, coupled with a realistic budget, produces targeted results. Rule 5: Knowing and following the rules minimizes stupid risks and mistakes. Rule 4: Plans should be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances.

8 What needs to be done? When will it happen? How much will it cost? When? Who is responsible for making sure it gets done? Who is accountable if it doesnt get done or is delayed? Why is it necessary for us to win? Rule 6: For Every Action Item…

9 3.Create a Succinct and Compelling Message* * Jennie Blackton 2009 Who are you and why are you running? What's the problem? Who's hurting? What is your experience with this problem? Do you have any creative solutions? What's standing in your way? Opponent? Apathy? Lack of information? Therefore, what do you want?

10 What were saying about us What our opponent is saying about her/himself What were saying about our opponent What our opponent is saying about us The Message Box

11 4.Raise the Money To Win How much do you need? Your budget. Who can you ask? Your fundraising list. How much can they give? Your contribution limits. When, where, and how will you ask? Your pitch. How will you accept (and thank) contributions? Your process.

12 5.Spend the Money Wisely Target all of your resources. Don t buy unnecessary things. Learn to say no! Only buy things that help you win votes. Be a responsible steward ….. No, it doesn t grow on trees

13 6.Build a Volunteer Base Ask everyone you know for help. You cant win by yourself. People will likely be upset if you don t ask. You need energy and excitement. Only do the things that only you can do for everything else, there s a volunteer.

14 6.Target the Right Voters Decide which voters are needed to win Base voter strategy. Swing voter strategy. New voter strategy (incl. renters).

15 7. Doorknock, Doorknock, Doorknock! Talk to voters at their homes. Before you knock, watch for cues. At the doors, listen …. Tell the voter why you re the right choice. And tell them why others agree: Voters need to hear the buzz

16 8. Get out the Vote Get your supporters to the polls. Provide direction, encouragement, and rides. Make it meaningfulgive your supporters a sense of their own power. Thank your supporters. Thank them again. Celebrate!

17 Contact: Progressive Majority

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