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Government Legislative Data, The Other Great White Fail Whale & How To Avoid It OSCON 2011.

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1 Government Legislative Data, The Other Great White Fail Whale & How To Avoid It OSCON 2011

2 Presenters Jared Williams New York State Senate Graylin Kim New York State Senate Noel Hidalgo, aka @noneck OSCON 2011

3 History of Open Government at NY State Senate OSCON 2011






9 OpenLeg "Yahoo Edition" OSCON 2011

10 OpenLeg Mobile Edition OSCON 2011

11 OpenLeg v2 prototype OSCON 2011

12 Open Legislation v2 "Google Edition" OSCON 2011



15 How does it work? OSCON 2011


17 Pull - How we get the data 2011S00607B402/01/11 ADVANCED TO THIRD READING OSCON 2011

18 Bill Structure Process OSCON 2011

19 Process We needed a buffer between pulling and pushing: data quality accountability Flat files are convenient: backups human read/editable It also opens the door for a few good ideas: firehose version control OSCON 2011

20 Push OSCON 2011

21 Publish OSCON 2011


23 Story Time OSCON 2011

24 Infinite Beta Data Quality issues cropped up in many places Users noticed this (and we fight for the users) internally steps towards greater senate integration were minimized until openleg could be proven acurate externally users praised the idea but were clearly frustrated with the quality of the service We're serving NYS legislative data bad data during initial development wasn't great but seen as acceptable 1.5 years after it's initial release people were getting worried OSCON 2011

25 The Road Home We had to be able to guarantee accuracy and rebuild our integrity LBDC is the expert with this data and they've been a great resource o meet on a regular basis o set up a biweekly, automated diff process Created a simple data quality dashboard Mutual gain from these mechanisms In the beginning: nearly 1000 documents with issues Currently we're hovering at ~20 known issues o out of ~18K bills that isn't too bad! OSCON 2011

26 ??? OSCON 2011

27 Profit! Just kidding. Its an Open Source project for the public good. Seriously though. Where does that leave us? To start the public profits from the service being: free near-real time linkable a primary source of information Integrates with internal tools and has potential for use in external tools OSCON 2011

28 A Place to Disqus We use Disqus for comments People trust this: commenters are knowledgable, passionate and dedicated 3613 comments Popular bills: o S7234 - 136 comments o S2994 - 99 comments o A9529 - 97 comments (as of 7/22/11) Created an aggregate service: BillBuzz Follow member's legislation receive updates with new comments informative for constituents, GREAT for senators/staffers OSCON 2011

29 Powerful Search API Voting Correlations: aye:(senX AND senY) AND nay:(senZ) Bills Passed actions:signed AND sponsor:senX Bills Abandoned stricken:true AND full:term Null values otype:bill AND NOT summary:[A* TO Z*] OSCON 2011

30 Open Legislation on the Wild Increasing Usage Google likes it (#1 source of traffic) Linked from various different places o twitter o facebook o NYTimes OSCON 2011

31 Thank you... Now, Questions and Answers... OSCON 2011

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