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Friday January 21 st 12:00pm - Saturday January 22 nd 6:00pm.

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1 Friday January 21 st 12:00pm - Saturday January 22 nd 6:00pm

2 Famine Facts Hunger kills another child every 10 seconds. More than 24,000 kids lose their lives each day, most of them to poverty, disease, and, hunger. More than 1 billion people go hungry every day. There are more than 6 billion people on the planet. 1 in 6 will go to bed hungry tonight. Around 1.4 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day

3 What is the 30 Hour Famine? It is an event organized through World Vision Students raise money to go 30 Hours without any food Funds raised go towards helping 3 rd world countries

4 Why Should I Participate? An interesting way to meet other Queen’s students Something different to do on the weekend Because QHHA has lots of fun activities planned! Because 30 Hours of your time could mean the world to a person in need

5 Where is the Famine? We have a 4 rooms in the JDUC set up for participants for the entire period of the famine You are not required to stay the full 30 hours in JDUC, but the option is available if you are interested We will have a mandatory meeting at 8pm on the Friday night Celebratory meal will be served at 6pm on the Saturday

6 What is there to do at the Famine? Films will be playing on a projector Video games available Selection of board games available Karaoke Demonstrations and Performances - TBA Study (we are students after all) Sleep (bring a sleeping bag!) If you have any ideas let us know!

7 What do I do now? Sign up for the famine on Sign up as a fundraiser at fill out your group as the Queen’s Helping Hands Collect a pledge form and envelope -available at the Grey House on campus Collect pledges from your friends and family over the holidays -your family and neighbours back home probably have more disposable income than your friends at Queens! Encourage other people to do the famine too!

8 Get Hungry for a Change Questions? Email us at

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