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Making the Links A Whole University Approach

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1 Making the Links A Whole University Approach

2 A whole university approach...  Develops an ethos and environment that supports health and wellbeing  Values the views, skills and experience of whole university community  Increases participation and builds collaborative partnerships  Leads to sustainable changes to improve health of students and staff  Draws on best practice related to organisation development, learning and change  Provides a framework that goes beyond interventions that focus on single topics, single population groups or single elements of the university system  Recognises interconnectedness, interrelationships, interdependencies and integration between these topics, population groups and elements  Understands universities as part of A greater whole, embedded in local and global communities and interacting with the wider environment.

3 Links exist between different components of the university formal curriculum interpersonal relationships tuition fees campus design indoor environment transport infrastructure

4 Links exist between different groups of people lecturers students caterers advisers/ counsellors families wider community/ other settings

5 Links exist between health topics mental health sexual health physical health food/diet substance use advertising/ sponsorship

6 Links between alcohol and sexual health Substance use, e.g. drinking alcohol to excess, reduces inhibitions, poor decision making Potentially results in increased sexual behaviour, unprotected sex, STI’s, unwanted pregnancy

7 Applying a whole system approach to alcohol Alcohol Alcohol issues, influences and links in your university? Student behaviour * Binge drinking Sport initiations * Services available Media influence * Staff health * SU drinks promotions * Links to sexual health * Who should be involved in a working group? Student Services * Security * Police * SU * Health Centre Occupational Health * University disciplinary team * Accommodation Services * Local services * Curriculum links

8 Applying a whole system approach to food Food Food issues, influences and links in your university? Healthy food choices available * Student budget * Student skills * Media * Transport Food production & supply * Health services Who should be involved in a working group? Catering and Retail Managers - university & SU * Chefs Student Services * SU * Health Centre * Procurement Team Occupational Health * Dieticians * Sports Staff * Curriculum links

9 From issues to action areas... Health issue eg food Strategy & Policy Training Curriculum links Information & Campaigns PartnershipsServices Project development Research

10 The Ottawa Charter’s action areas as a framework for Healthy Universities University Develop Personal Skills Facilitate learning to prepare people to respond/cope with health issues Provide information, educate for health, enhance life skills for people to exercise more control over their own health and their environments and be empowered to make choices conducive to health Create Supportive Environments Assess health impact of the university's social and physical environments Implement Equality & Diversity Strategy Meet Health and Safety regulations Conduct staff and student satisfaction Surveys Implement Sustainable Development Strategy Build Healthy Policy Develop specific health policies, e.g. Stress Management, Smoking, Bullying, Alcohol and Drugs Ensure that all policies and strategies incorporate health as a key criterion and take account of health issues Strengthen Community Actions Encourage active involvement of staff, students and local community in setting priorities, making decisions, planning strategies and implementing them Combine top down and bottom up approaches Develop Health Services Review, audit and monitor current university health services Respond to service user needs, health research and best practice Develop appropriate, inclusive and accessible services

11 Moving towards a whole university approach Fragmented health-related work in a university Health services exist but not linked up Health campaigns tend to be reactive External partners are brought in for one off health events University and SU work independently on health Little or no staff or student consultation No opportunities for faculties, schools and services to collaborate and discuss health issues Working towards a whole university approach to health Resources identified to co-ordinate asset mapping and needs assessment Working group(s) beginning to be established Priorities and short-term actions identified Long-term actions developed into strategy/action plan A whole university approach to health Internal and external partners identified and involved Working groups established that bring colleagues together for strategic planning Systems in place for staff and student consultation and involvement University and SU working in partnership External partnerships developed, and contributing of planning, assessing needs, delivery HU strategy/action plan in place, outlining university objectives on health and wellbeing

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