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Introduction to Instructor-Led Online Learning Kevin R. Duffy, M.A.Ed. Daytona State College Daytona Beach Police Department.

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1 Introduction to Instructor-Led Online Learning Kevin R. Duffy, M.A.Ed. Daytona State College Daytona Beach Police Department

2 Online Learning The trend is here… Cheaper More accessible On-Demand Technology-driven But it can be… Difficult to use Difficult to document Hard to understand Too generic

3 Online Presentation Modes Instructor-led Online Module based Similar to classroom academic topics Cohort training Self-Paced Page-turners with quizzing and branching Repeatable topics Mixed Mode Combine classroom/lab with other strategies

4 Instructor-Led Online Keys: Interactivity Cant be all One-On-None Feeling of community Convenience Available when the student needs it Functionality Everything has to work! Intuitive Feedback Immediate and relevant

5 Content College Courses Textbooks Web Sources Research/Journals Training Courses Web Sources Short Articles Web Field Trips Discovery Searches

6 Discussions Crafting discussion questions More than repetition of text materials Get the student to apply the material Provide for discovery Example: Read the attached article about mental illness in correctional facilities. What experiences have you had with inmates as described in the article? How could you have handled the interactions with these inmates differently?

7 Links Link students to outside resources Can be part of the lesson or for independent study Examples: Links to Associations Links to magazines, periodicals Links to videos Make sure they are appropriate Links to other sites, particular resources

8 Quizzes and Tests Why? Provide a vehicle for definitions and simple concepts Module quizzes Instant feedback Positive feedback to performance Check for understanding Final exams Can be from the quiz test bank Item test can be coupled with a final project

9 Grading Points for various activities Graded on all activities Discussions Quizzes Projects Web Field Trips Exams Weighted according to importance Distribute credit Higher weight to application activities

10 Projects Application of what was learned Formative projects Preparation activities that are combined in the final project Steps in a process Summative projects Combine what was learned with real-life situations Use imagination Can be part of a live lab

11 Self-Paced Provide self-running training Just-In-Time Repeatable training programs Policy introduction Policy review One-Time Training New equipment New procedure New facilities

12 Design Considerations Self-running Check on all end-user equipment Consider MDT Consider network restrictions/bandwidth Appropriateness Commercially-available training meets the guidelines of the agency Short and focused Short time period for completion Focused on one topic

13 Accountability Considerations Independent testing Certificate issue Click-through Community testing Certificate Self-issue Fill-in-the-blank Issued by training entity (manual issue)

14 Mixed Mode Mix online and live classroom Pretraining with self-paced and/or instructor-led online Require completion and testing prior to lab work Post Training After the classroom/lab, require post training to complete the course Provides application of concepts and skills learned Use of force training with DT refresher

15 Live Classroom Plus Classroom as a base Add Self-Paced Add Instructor-Led Add both Add application projects Provide a mechanism for application of what was learned Add community Create an online community for trading ideas, etc. over distance and time

16 Management Buy-In Starts at the top Bleeds down Excitement coupled with quality Cost Containment Software costs Licensing Personnel Specialization

17 Line Personnel Buy-in Technology not a problem for younger officers and employees Technology may be a problem for older officers and employees If it doesnt fit, force it! Technology is not a force-fit item Alternatives may need to be made available to the technology-challenged

18 Consistency Important consideration Students should not have to learn new software or procedures every time they access Make it easy and seamless Assign personnel to provide consistent look and feel Same designers Design conventions, including photos, fonts and spacing Help Desk Services Who do you call? Quick response

19 So Whats It All Mean? Multiple modes used to solve the problem Variety and consistency Accountability Buy-In Integration into the Training Mission Documentation

20 Questions

21 Kevin R. Duffy, M.A.Ed. Center for Online Public Safety Training

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