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Preparing Engagement Staff for the Future Delivery of Apprenticeships.

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1 Preparing Engagement Staff for the Future Delivery of Apprenticeships

2 Providing employer facing staff with the knowledge, skills and resources to better support employers in making informed decisions about apprenticeships within their organisations in the changing apprenticeship landscape.

3 What we hope to achieve Outputs OutcomesImpact Defined knowledge, competences and behaviours for employer facing staff Defining the expectations for a changing role, and supporting new and existing staff development programmes Staff able to provide a better service to employers in the new Apprenticeship trailblazer and funding landscape increasing levels of satisfaction 5-day blended learning programme piloted for 15 staff 15 staff with increased knowledge of changing landscape and competence in a more consultative approach to working with employers. Employers understanding the flexibilities and new learning programmes, therefore increased confidence in and uptake of the new trailblazer standards Online toolkit for any staff to use with employers Providing an easily accessible resource for staff to help them showcase opportunities for employers Creating an accessible reference covering the different elements of apprenticeships, alongside being able to better support their staff Dissemination event for local providers (GMLPN) Highlighting the training programme and, and give other providers details of how the resources can be accessed Longer term, this activity will see greater uptake of new Apprenticeship standards within GM

4 When will it all happen June July August September October November December Create training brief and engage specialist to design blended programme Develop competency and knowledge framework for role Training Delivery Observation of participating staff Create online toolkit and modules Toolkit launch to targeted employers Evaluation Dissemination event

5 Training programme Understanding the changing apprenticeship landscape, frameworks and standards, and products and services on offer from providers and others Diagnosing business need and work force development planning Understanding employer capacity to play an active role Proposal writing Relationship management Focus : Developing knowledge of future apprenticeships Developing behaviours and competences required for consultative selling Observation and feedback Peer support Through :

6 Online Toolkit Briefing materials explaining the options for employers and advising them how to progress Recruitment of Apprentices Employing Apprentices from vulnerable groups Importance of Maths and English Mentoring apprentices Understanding the new standards Funding for Apprenticeship

7 Outcomes Supported Apprentices in the work place Engaged and informed employers High quality provision and advice

8 Impacts Number of employers and learners involved in mixed delivery (i.e. employer and provider sharing delivery of different elements Proportion of employers becoming early adopters of trailblazer standards Learners experiencing seamless and supported delivery Improved learner and employer satisfaction

9 Thanks

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