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North East Respiratory Programme Vikki Bailey Respiratory Programme Manager.

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1 North East Respiratory Programme Vikki Bailey Respiratory Programme Manager

2 Progress to Date Appointment of team –2 Clinical Leads: February 2010 –Programme Manager March 2011 Regional Fast Focus Event for Clinicians & NHS Managers

3 Implementation plan 6 months 12 months 24 months 36 months Care closer to home Reducing initial prescriptions Designated lead for respiratory care in each locality Creating the voice of the network Dedicated local delivery teams integrated with existing resp teams/services Community polmonary rehabilitation Publicity: raise profile network resp disease/services Standard setting committee Educating the workforce Training needs assessment (6-12 months) Sharing best practice Improving respiratory care in the North East 24/7 service Data on variation already gathered – breakdown by practice then the rest Common COPD pathway & assessment template/minimum assessment & training (self – management) Spirometry – training & making a correct diagnosis Self management Fully commissioned HOAS service from a standardised service specification co- ordinated by a regional team lead Care planning; appropriate Rx inc rehab & O2, self management, patient hello, OL-CAT? Variation in COPD care Establish a commissions & local authority engagement forum Review structure & role of clinical advisory group Establish a patient engagement event Develop a communication website

4 Respiratory Clinical Advisory Group Locality Groups Respiratory Patient & Carer Group Breathe Easy Groups Respiratory Pharmaceutical Alliance Group Respiratory Interest Group For Nurses & AHPs Joint Respiratory Clinical Lead Professor Paul Corris Joint Respiratory Clinical Lead Sharon Haggerty Respiratory Programme Manager Vikki Bailey Respiratory Executive Steering Group RESPIRATORYNETWORKRESPIRATORYNETWORK


6 HOS-AR Development of Oxygen Procurement Commissioning Group  Business case for HOS-AR in 3 localities – Go live October 2012  HOS-AR service specification  Review of existing HOS-AR Transition of new Oxygen Provider  Transition Group  Training & education  Clinical meeting with BOC  Plans: Oxygen Workshop Event

7 Respiratory Dashboard Identify variance in COPD –Per PCT –Per GP practice –Develop respiratory pathways Respiratory Prescribing variance –Per PCT –Per GP practice –Develop prescribing pathway

8 Transforming Acute Care CQUIN application approved 2012 /2013 –COPD Discharge Bundle Working in partnership with ambulance services –Oxygen & COPD –Oxygen alert cards –Alerts on ambulance database –Training to ambulance personnel

9 Education & Training Training Needs Analysis –Initially primary care –Specialist teams –Other teams Training to be based on TNA evaluation

10 Smoking Cessation & COPD Awareness

11 Future Activities 2012/2013 Innovation Awards Asthma – high dose steroid prescription Sleep Apnoea Pneumonia

12 Governance Arrangements Defined roles? Respiratory Network – having the ‘right’ people Policy -National & local Structure –Organisational –Work plans –Progress reports –Meetings –1:1 & performance review

13 Key Lessons to date Creating a Community of Practice and support for programme Being out there…making contact…being contactable –Respiratory teams –Patients & Carers (Breathe Easy groups) A resource of information

14 Issues & Challenges Rome wasn’t built in a day! –Building network to gain support for programme –Communication Clinical Leads ‘day job’ –Different backgrounds –Other commitments can take priority Understanding each others role SHA engagement & support People are busy!

15 Support Needed & Current Gaps Mentorship Administrative support SHA engagement & support Leaders & experts

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