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Apprenticeships Your Future in Your Hands.

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1 Apprenticeships Your Future in Your Hands

2 Aims and Objectives What is an Apprenticeship Framework
Who are they for? The range of sectors and frameworks available What are employers looking for? What's in it for me? – Lifestyles/Future How to access an Apprenticeship The Quiz

3 Apprenticeships an Overview
An Apprenticeship trains you to do a job role of your choice. An Apprenticeship generally takes between one to three years. Apprenticeships are a mixture of on and off the job training. The majority of time is in the workplace and is supported by a mentor. The remaining learning is delivered by a learning provider which could be a specialist provider or an FE College. The learning provider supports you throughout the Apprenticeship including the assessment in the work place for the NVQ part of the programme.

4 The Framework An Apprenticeship is made up of various parts Examples:
What You Need to Know - A Technical Certificate Examples: Certificate in Supporting Youth Work awarded by City & Guilds Certificate in Motor Vehicle Repair awarded by ABC What you need to be able to do - Example: Youth Work NVQ 3. Transferable Skills - Key Skills/ Functional Skills Communication Level 2 Sometimes there are additional requirements: Example for childcare Paediatric First aid Safeguarding

5 Who are apprenticeships for?
It could be you!!!

6 What are Employers Looking for

7 How do I become an apprentice?
Speak to your tutor Ask to go out on work experience in the occupational area you are interested in Ask for a referral to be made to an apprenticeship tutor Research the apprenticeship framework you are interested in Attend an interview ask, questions If Rathbone do not deliver the apprenticeship you are interested in your tutor will support you to find a training provider/college who does

8 Fact “Over their working life an Apprentice
will earn £100,000 more than someone who has completed a degree” Source: Steve Macintosh, University of Sheffield

9 Any Questions?

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